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Friday, February 24, 2017

Window Sill Gardens, Hindus at Church, and Miracles Stacked on Miracles!

February 20, 2017

The Moses Lake Zone is blowing up! We had 3 baptisms in the zone last week, and faith is high.

I think I may have started a trend. So lately in the zone, it has been super wintery and stuff, and everyone is sick of it. So last p-day, I bout some seeds, and right now, I'm growing a little egg-carton garden in our window sill. It's pretty sweet. Maybe by the time I go home I'll be able to eat some of them. Haha.

I don't have a ton of time to write, so I'm just going to highlight some of the miracles that we saw this week:

On Friday after our weekly planning session, Elder Poloncic and I decided to stop by a media referral that did not sound solid at all. It didn't have any information except for a time to stop by, a name, and a boonie address. As soon as we pulled into her driveway, she pulled in right behind us. Normally, this would be awkward; and, actually, pretty standard for us. But as soon as she got out to greet us, she said, "I've been wondering when you guys would show up! Come on in!" Elder Poloncic looked back and gave me one of those "what's going on" faces, and I gave him an "I don't know, but I like it" face. She welcomed us in, sat us down, and introduced herself as Chloe. She told us that her friend just got back from her mission, and that she told her that the missionaries in her area had something to tell her. We then had what you would call a "perfect lesson," which is when the person you are teaching is super easy to teach and answers perfectly to all of your questions, The District style. She understands everything super well, and accepts it all, especially the priesthood authority and the Book of Mormon. I especially love her description of the Book of Mormon: "If your favorite artists comes out with an album that you love, would you be betraying that artist if you bought any future albums?" Golden. Chloe is just super down to earth and really normal, which isn't normal for us, if you know what I mean. She also grew up with all of the members in the area and even went to church with her member friends when she was a kid. When we invited her to be baptized on March 25th, she said "It's about time someone asked me!" Chloe is in her mid 20's and has a husband named Travis who she wants to sit down with us. Such a cool person.

That same day, we had a church tour with Varinder Singh and his Dad, Kuntar. Varinder (We call him Singh) is super proud of his switch over to Christianity, and wanted to show his dad everything. Singh has been to church before, so he translated for his dad as we showed him around the building. His family is Hindu, and there is a definite language barrier, but they are supporting Singh with everything. His dad thought it was funny that we went to church in a courthouse. Haha. On Sunday, Singh, his father, mother, friend, and friend's daughter all came to the YSA. It was awesome! The whole family didn't stay for the whole block, but Singh and his Dad came back for gospel principles after dropping the rest of the family off back home. Singh is back on date for March 11th and is on fire!

Our other investigators are doing well. Jessie is still on date for March 25th and has been sending us texts about the things he is reading. He has a hard time making it to church with all of his other commitments, but he is trying. John and Jessie are hard to meet with. We see them pretty regularly, but it is impossible to have set lessons with them because Jessie is feeling sicker and sicker as the days go. She said that she will be better in March.

On Saturday, we had exchanges with the AP's in Yakima. It was super fun being back in the valley, and I loved being out in the streets with Elder King. We had such a fun time meeting sooo many different kinds of people out in the rain. I love diversity. It's so fun :) 

We spoke in 11th ward Yesterday. Elder Poloncic spoke on hopes and desires, and I spoke on goals and plans. I didn't realize this before my mission, but I am super motivated by goals and plans. It is the coolest thing to me that when we want something to happen, we have the power within us to make that thing happen. D&C 58. Read it. When we show God that we have righteous goals, he will help us in our plans to reach those goals. I shared my experience with We the People in my talk, and how even though we did everything in our power to get in to the top 10, it didn't happen. Our lives are like that, too. Sometimes, we don't hit exactly where we want to go. But when we look behind us, we can recognize how far we've come, and we can feel confident about it. And the gospel is here to help us the whole time :)

Sorry for the novel of an email. At least I know that my mother will smile favorably upon me today.

Love you all!
Peace and Blessin's, 
Elder Moser

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