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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Moses Lake Miracles!

January 16, 2017

We found some pretty cool people this week! 

We had a lesson with the Coopers this week, a family that we tracted into a while back. The dad, Kasey, is a retired navy and firefighter, and loves God. It was a pretty good lesson! We brought a recent convert of about a year with us that was also tracted into, and they seemed to really relate with each other. Kasey has his doubts about Joseph Smith, but he is willing to really study it. His wife and two teenagers were in and out of the room the whole time, but one of his kids, Makayla, got pretty involved with the lesson. So yeah, teaching is awesome. The gospel is real. People are cool. 

On Wednesday, I was on exchanges with Elder Goodwin from Las Vegas in 5th ward. 5th ward should probably be a car area because it's pretty spread out, but they have bakes instead. And, since I was on exchanges, their bikes were broken. So we walked a ton. The most populated part of their area is "The Base," which is an old military base right by the airport where people lived when they were in the service. The Base was designed to confuse enemies that tried to invade, so there are only 3 entrances to the whole thing and the roads are really confusing. The people their are pretty cool though. Very humble. By the way, it was 5 degrees outside. So me having never been in a walking area when it was that cold outside decided to wear my joggers under my slacks. 

Best. Idea. Everrrr

This week was a week of exchanges. I also went on exchanges with one of my favorite missionaries, Elder Tietjen from Mesquite Nevada. I froze my hands off again. So that's pretty much the highlight. 

Oh wait, actually the highlight was when I locked us out of our apartment in 2 degree weather. Imagine the face I would make, and that was exactly what happened. Haha. As soon as I closed the door, I just looked at Elder Tietjen and was like "yep." So then we spent a while trying to open the door with a credit card, and after a few silent prayers, it opened up. Murcles.

Our investigators are doing pretty well! This week we met with Rachel, a 13 year old part member family. We had a lesson about coming to know God. For 13 years old, she is very mature and has spent some time researching other religions. We really hope she reads and prays, because if she really wants to know God, it's as easy as that! We also met with one of our investigators in YSA, Richi. He was tracted into, and wants to know more about the gospel because he is having a hard time feeling forgiven for what he's done in the past. We taught him about how exciting it is that we have the opportunity to repent. It was an incredible lesson, and the spirit was definitely there. It made a lot of sense to me as we taught. God wants to forgive us. He wants us to be happy. Believing that is one of the first steps!

Last week in fast and testimony meeting, Lawrence, one of our 13 year old investigators, bore his testimony. The only way that I know how to describe Lawrence is this: Imagine the Prince of Belair, and don't change anything. Except make him 13. That's him. He bore a pretty funny testimony about how he prayed and made a deal with God that if his passport got here on time for his vacation, he would get up and give a "speech" next time at church. His passport came in the next day, so he got up there because he is a man of his word! :)

Some great things are happening in our area! We have been focusing a lot on goals and how they lift our vision, and this week Elder Poloncic and I hit the standard of excellence for member present lessons! We are also excited about this apartment home complex that is being built for 300 Japanese workers and their families that will be moving to Moses Lake to work on some Mitsubishi planes or something. Should be exciting! 

Have a good week everyone! Don't freeze :)

Elder Moser
Look how excited I was to be with Elder Tietjen!

​When your breath freezes on your glasses all day long

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