Washington Yakima Mission

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pictures from Mission Leader Training August 2, 2016

Fires and Finch Fresh Fades!

Got my package!

August 1, 2016

This past week has been a learning experience for me and Elder Jarvis. To be honest, it was kind of slow, even though we were running around like crazy people the entire time. It's weird how that works. 

To be honest, we have struggled the past few weeks trying to figure out how we can be productive with our time. We feel like we are always busy, but we also feel like we have't been able to plan to the point where we spend most of our time teaching. It's been a struggle, and since our area is different than most, we've struggled with filling our time effectively, even after learning about how to plan. Last week, however, we had an awesome experience while weekly planning. We took time to break down how we find, teach, and baptize, and then developed a system with preach my gospel to really fill our time. I know that probably sounds super boring to you all, but it was awesome. We were focused for the entire 4 hours, and we could feel ourselves getting excited. We could feel our motivation come back stronger. We came up with some unique ways to plan for the week that will definitely carry on through my mission. It was just a cool experience, and the spirit was definitely guiding us. I just love those moments when things not only make sense, but become applicable. And ever since then, our teaching and time management has been amazing. Every time an appointment falls through, someone else will fill the gap. The lord will provide! When we build up our ladder, he'll through down his rope :)

Here's the teaching update!

We've been teaching a guy named Tim who's girlfriend and kids are members, but who hasn't gotten baptized yet. His wedding and baptism are both on September 3rd, and it's been cool to see him grow. He's been taught everything in the past, so we've really been focusing on why this gospel matters. Especially on the gospel of Jesus Christ; Faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. I know I've talked about it before, but it is seriously the coolest pattern ever! It can be applied to everyone that we deal with as missionaries. For ourselves, for the members we work with, and and for the people we teach. I love it :)

We've also been teaching a couple named Rodney and Carolyn that we hope to put on date soon. They've been hard to get in with lately, but they are the coolest people ever. Rodney loves talking about fishing and just telling cool old guy stories, so sometimes we have to wrangle him in to keep him focused, but we are excited!

So not much else is going on. Other than the fact that everything is going on and we are super excited. Also, Washington is on fire again, so I will try not to get smoker's lung from breathing in the smoke. Also, I got a sweet haircut from Brother Finch, hence the "Finch Fresh Fade" in the title. Just wanted to through that in there cuz alliteration is hard.

Love you all!
Elder Moser

When Sister Finch keeps the house at a cool 60 degrees.


We have a peach tree in our backyard, so I guess I can die happy now. 

​"huh, looks like East Valley is on fire again."