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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Moses Lake Miracles

February 27, 2017


Insert smooth transition here

Our investigators are doing really well. We made sure that we saw Chloe again last week, and she is still going strong! She also made sure that her husband, Travis, sat down with us to learn with her. Travis is so cool. He's 23, and he's had kind of a crazy life. In high school, he was into drugs and at one point, he was even homeless. He has some pretty cool tattoos on his arms to prove it. But since he and Chloe met, he's gotten back on the path and has searched everywhere for a religion that will help him find God. He committed with Chloe to prepare for baptism on the 25th next month! What I love about Chloe and Travis is that they both just get it. They have searched all over Moses Lake for a church that teaches what Christ taught -- but they have found inconsistencies in all of them. They defiately have a testimony of the apostasy! Chloe even told Travis to read and pray before we came over. They are just so cool. They are also really good friends with the Bishop's family, so we had the Bishop's wife come with us. So golden!

Singh is doing pretty well, but communication is super spotty. When we are in a lesson with him, things are good -- but it's hard to get a hold of him. Also, Singh really wants a quad like the rest of the members and brings it up at almost every opportunity. Haha. John and Jessie are same old same old. Jessie is still recovering from her open heart surgery, so it might be a week or so before we can teach her again. Last week, we also taught Lawrence, or as we like to refer to him, the 13 year old Fresh Prince of Belair. His recent convert uncle that he is living with, Lloyd, came up to us after church and said that he wanted him to get baptized before he goes back home to Arizona in May. And we said, "yeah, we can help with that." So we hope to start teaching him at least once a week. Lawrence is really outgoing, but he's lived a different lifestyle growing up from all the other kids in 11th ward, so it might take a little longer to fellowship him. 

Elder Poloncic and I got to conduct Zone Conference last week. It was pretty great, considering that no one crashed their car on the way there and all. We learned about teaching repentance and baptizing converts, which is not new material; but for whatever reason, I learned so much! Especially about the true gift it is to repent. It is such an amazing feeling to have the sense of peace and direction that continual repentance brings!

I was on exchanges last week in 5th ward (again) and it was one of the funnest exchanges I've been on! I was with Elder Dalton, and he has such a bright attitude about everything. It's hard not to feel pumped when you're with him! We taught some really awesome people, including a recent converts family and her 11 year old friend who is also on-date for next month, and a Chinese lady that was absolutely hilarious. Her name is Yan, and her husband is a momber but she is not. She's been in the states for 6 years, and her English is really good. Her comprehension, however, isn't that great. She takes things very literally and is very excitable about everything. We watched the Restoration DVD with her (in Mandarin, which was absolutely hilarious), and she had so many questions. For whatever reason, Yan absolutely loved me. Haha. She loved the way I explained certain things, so at one point, she pulled out a sheet of paper and wrote "MOSER" at the top and started taking notes on the things I was saying. She was also super excited that she understood what prophets were that she was grabbing my arm and laughing while explaining it back to me. Such a great family! Yan has a lot of potential! Elder Dalton and I had such a great time. Moses lake has sooo much potential!

Our mission overall is doing amazing things. Just yesterday, we found out that for the first time in our mission's history, we exceeded our baptismal goal for the month of February! Faith is real, everyone. And it is at an all time high in the WYM! 

I am just loving it here. I think about the people we're teaching right now, and I'm almost giddy to think about what their future looks like in the gospel. It is such an amazing experience :)

Peace and Blessin's,
Elder Moser
​I tried to take a picture of Elder Dalton in front of the harvest moon, and failed

Yan gave me this as a gift before we left our appointment.
 I'm supposed to "send the arrow home to my girlfriend" haha

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