Washington Yakima Mission

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

An Email

December 5, 2016

This week was tight. As in we were really busy and had a fun time figuring out how we were going to see everyone we wanted to see. 

Monday was a fun day! We spent half of it trying to get our Frisbee off of this little ledge thingy in the gym, but with some creative thinking and a lot of tape, we finally got it down. We also taped a camera to a really long pole to get some sweet basketball action shots. It was a good time :)

I can't remember if I mentioned this in my last email, but Elder Bird and I arranged a song to sing at the Christmas gathering this week. Were singing "Samuel the Lamanite" and "Go Tell It on the Mountain" in this really cool compilation. I'll also be accompanying on the guitar. We practiced it last p-day for those of us who could make it, but the whole zone will be here today to sing. Should be fun!

The Iron Chef challenge. Yes, that is a coconut. S'pretty cool.
For FHE last week, we had an Iron Chef challenge. Without having much Idea of what I was doing, I used my mission-gained cooking skills to whip up some coconut rice stuff, and the rest of the team made some meat taco things. We came in second place, but our presentation was on point. Just saying. Especially for being a bunch of YSA's.

I should also mention here before I forget: I finished my first journal EVER last week. I'm feeling pretty good about myself.
The Yakima Stake does a live Nativity every other year, and this was an on year. It was super good! 45 minutes of some incredible costumes and set design, and some really great musical talent. It was also fun seeing some of my member friends from Sunnyside that came to watch it! Randal and Kristie (a part member family) came, and Rodney and Carolyn came to the Nativity as well. They loved it! Now we just need to get them to church!
Hightlights of the week:
1. Eating at Red Robin twice, and Miner's of Yakima once.
2. Eating a waffle/chicken sandwich at said Red Robin.
3. A group of fighter jets flying over the stake center while we were doing leadership planning. It was deafening from inside the building!
4. The Finches giving us a full-size Christmas Tree to set up downstairs while they are in the Galapagos Islands for 2 weeks. 

On Saturday, we had ZTM. I gave a training on comp unity. Just in case you might care, here's some things you can do TODAY to increase your comp unity!
1. Serve your Companion
2. Openly communicate. It's everything.
3. Use your companionship to improve by setting goals and holding each other accountable.
4. Recognize that you are part of the problem, if there is one.
5. Share the load. Don't just take the whole responsibility, and don't just give it all to your companion. 
A Better word to use than unity is harmony. Why? Because different companions bring different "notes" to the song of missionary work, but if played correctly, it can be much more beautiful than one hand could ever play :)

That night, we took Jerald with us to a lesson with a LA. It was an incredible lesson. The guy we were teaching, Ammon, has been through a rough life, and actually contacted us to come visit him. He was addicted to drugs for several years, and it has been hard for him seeing the rest of his family serve missions, stay active, raise families when he hasn't had those opportunities. We were so glad Jerald was with us, because he testified of what the church has brought into his life. Jerald doesn't have quite the same past Ammon does, but they hit it off right away when they found out that Jerald was baptized on Ammon's birthday, and he used his personal experiences to testify that we can always get back on our feet. It was incredible, and the spirit was super strong. It is so cool watching Jeralds experience the joy first hand that comes from sharing the gospel! Ammon was so glad to see us, and we hope to move his records into the branch soon!

I am quite amazed that I've stayed healthy. I've never had to stay in for any amount of time. I don't even get tired, and it's been months since I've used the vitamins. I have no doubt that Heavenly Father is blessing me with the strength I need to fulfill my calling, and I am constantly praying for that strength. The injuries will probably resume once I get home ;) Sidenote: With all of the biking areas in this mission, and with all of the exchanges I go on, I have never had to ride a bike as a missionary. Not even once. Does God know us or what? haha.

You are all probably tired of reading this by now. Be free. Live life :)
Peace and blessin's,
Elder Moser

​The legendary head shop-vac after a Finch Fresh Fade.