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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Stake Conference and Muricles

February 6, 2017
Elder Poloncic:  Elder Moser always takes time to listen to you.  He has a big heart.  He is an amazing singer.Elder Moser:  Elder Poloncic is super obedient.  I love his sense of humor and ability to have fun.  He cares about everyone.
To start off, we have some good but sad news. Greg, our Jamaican YSA, is actually not a YSA. The other day, we were having a lesson with him when he started throwing around the word "wife." So we asked him, "Wait, Greg, how old are you?"

"I'm 34."

And that was the end of that conversation. Apparently Greg hasn't aged since 25 because he looks really young! He's also been meeting us at his brothers house, which we thought was his house, which is why we thought he was single -- his wife wasn't there. We're sad to pass him off to the family ward, but we think that he will thrive in it. We sat next to him at Stake Conference yesterday, and he seems to enjoy being around people! 

We had an awesome experience last week with John and Jessie, the part-member family that the ward council helped out when Jessie was in the hospital in Wenatchee after heart surgery. When we went over to their home last week, they were so grateful for the helped that they received from the ward that they sat us down and told us that they want to sincerely investigate the church. Jessie, the member, hasn't been to church since she was 9 years old, and John has never been to a Mormon church in his life. Neither of them know anything about it, so they asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon and demanded that we come back on Wednesday for a lesson. We were so surprised! Since Jessie has called herself a baptist her whole life, she is worried that her friends will think she is leaving her faith behind. But she told us that she just feels her heart pulling her this direction. It's amazing the impact a small act of service can leave on someone! It's also the coolest to see how God can humble us to lead us down the right path :)

Some awesome people have been coming out of the woodwork lately. We found another guy, Lance, who's wife is a member. He is not, but he wanted to set up an appointment to learn more about what the church is all about. I don't know why, but people are wanting to set up appointments with us these days! We'll be teaching him tonight. We also met with Janette again, another PMF who's husband is a non-member. She sounded excited but a little nervous to come back to church next week :)

It's funny the weird situations we can get ourselves in to as missionaries. For example, last week we were stopping by a potential named Miguel that Elder Poloncic met on exchanges. They let us in, and then the dad (who didn't speak any English) sat us down and grabbed his 25ish year old son Miguel and his young daughter to translate for us. We were a little confused because Miguel was acting like he couldn't speak any English, but I didn't know any better because I had never met him before. Finally, Miguel said (with his sister translating): "so why do you come here?"

Long pause.

Elder Poloncic: "Oooohhhhh I don't think you're the Miguel we're looking for."

Apparently they moved a few days earlier. 

Also, we tracted out this really run down camper trailer park out in the boofoo and met some super interesting children of God. It was a total throw-back to my time in Coulee Dam. I actually kind of miss places like that and the stories that are just waiting to be told :)

It's been a great week! Exciting things are happening in our area, and we have been able to feel the spirit work within our companionship. It has been an amazing experience to serve!

Have a great week!

Peace and Blessin's,
Elder Moser
Preparing for a day of interviews.

Famous poster every missionaries signs.

Soup dinner before Moses Lake Stake Conference.

President Mike and Sister Yvonne Tolley and President Lewis. The Tolley's knew
my parents during medical residency in New York.

When I try to be cool. haha!

Pre-transfer Fro-yo.

Elder Quast and I are reunited!
 I accidentally looked a little too crazy in this one, sorry

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