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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


January 30, 2017

So before I dive into this email, everyone should know that I forgot my planner from last week at the apartment... So I'm going to do my best!

Last week was pretty "lit" as the kids say.

Tender mercy of the week: About 6 weeks ago, we received a super not solid referral from the YSA sisters for someone with no name or address; all they had was a phone number. So we called the number, and they guy who answered (1) was really hard to understand and (2) did't sound solid at all. His name was Greg, and he just did not sound interested. We tried to set up an appointment, but he said that he would give us a call later. So we were like "whatever." Then, last week, he called us out of the blue and said that he actually did want to meet with us. So we did, and Greg is LEGIT. He's in his mid-20's and he's from Jamaica. I Can't remember why/how he got here, but he is a super humble guy that just sincerely loves God. He expressed to us that he wants to know who God really is, because he wants to give him the most respect possible. Before we left that lesson, he always referred to God as Heavenly Father, and it seemed to really connect with him. We are super excited to keep working with him!

Donny, the 9 year old that we tracted into a few weeks ago, is doing well. He has officially been passed off to 8th ward, and he is like my idol. When we tried to set a date for Feb. 25th, he said that he wanted to get baptized on Feb. 11th instead. What a stud! We just hope that 8th ward can really take him under their wing, because he doesn't have very much family support. 

Last week we also had a cool experience with a part-member family that we tracted into. Jessie is a member, and her husband, John, isn't. They both live in a little rv and are in a very tight financial situation. He told us that his wife was in Wenatchee and needed to be picked up after open-heart surgery, and that he had $7.45 for the trip up but didn't have enough money for gas on the way back. We asked the ward council last Sunday if they could help him out, and they jumped at the opportunity. Two members met him at the gas station to top him off last Monday morning, and then gave him another $20 for the trip. Then yesterday, in ward council, the member that filled his tank showed us a text from John expressing how grateful he was that they helped their family out. John even offered to work to pay it off and to come to church to meet the ward. It was a really good experience to be a part of, because they are very humble and so grateful :)

Welp, transfers are in two days and E. Poloncic and I are staying together. Holla. And we get to keep the YSA, even though we thought it was going to be moved to a different companionship. Also, during the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast a few days ago, the Missionary Department made some changes for all of the missions in the church that we are super excited about including a longer P-Day, less Key Indicators, and scheduling changes. We are stoked!

I hope that all of you have a great week!

Peace and Blessin's,
Elder Moser

​District Lunch at Shari's.
Ya'll ain't never seen a walking area like Moses Lake 5th ward.

​Almost worked...

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