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Friday, June 24, 2016

The Valley is on Fire!

June 20, 2016


Usually, weeks are hard for me to remember. For whatever reason, this week is even harder for me to remember. It went by way to quickly. I think it is because I went on back to back exchanges this week, once with Elder Criddle in Zillah, and once with Elder Barbour in Yakima. Speaking of Zillah, they have baptized weekly this entire month and have another baptism this week. They are leaving the rest of us in the dust! The Zillah Elders also have me sing at every baptism they have, so the Zillah ward is getting to know me quite well. As for exchanges with Elder Barbour, I had a blast getting to know their on-date Kevin, trunking out Elder Barbour who goes home in 2 weeks, and painting airport fire hydrants. That was cool, because we got these little security passes and got to watch planes take off from inside the fence. So legit. Also, Elder Barbour and I were singing in the car very loudly on our way to the service, when we realized that some sisters from Selah had been on the other end of the line for like 5 minutes. Awesome. 

Our 9 year old on-date, Tyler, didn't come to church this week, which means that we have to move his date back a Saturday. That was a bummer, because we really wanted to contribute to the zones goal for June. But life will go on. Probably. 

We met an awesome guy named Joe this week. He's a super friendly older Hispanic guy, and he's got that glow about him that people have when you know that they will eventually get baptized. Any missionaries out there that know what I mean? He's very put together and not crazy, which is pretty cool. And the entire time we were talking to him, he was saying things like "I really feel like it's time I figure out why I'm here" and "when I saw you guys, I knew that you had answers for me" and "please baptize me today." That last one wasn't verbally expressed, but missionaries are also mind readers, so yeah. We are so excited to teach him. 

We had some funny moments this week, like when we called the Zillah Elders during a prayer that they were having with an investigators and they accidentally answered. We didn't know that they were praying, so throughout the prayer a faint "HELLLOOOOOO ZILLAAAH. COME IN ZILLAH. DO YOU READ ME." was heard. haha. 

An investigating family of 11 that moved to Mabton recently moved back to Sunnyside. so we will start teaching them soon. Aw yeah. 

Between cherry season and all the work to do, we are being fed--both literally and spiritually. The lower valley is on fire!

Peace and Blessin's!
Elder Moser

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