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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Skunks, Squirrels, and 70's

June 13, 2016


It's been a pretty strange week. A lot of our investigators have temporarily or permanently left town, so we were kind of starting a few things over again. But we still had some awesome lessons and met some really cool people. We also met a guy that keeps calling us so that we can exercise some demons out of him, so that's a thing, too. 

Last Monday, we had a district p-day at Coby's house. But since there are only 2 sisters in our district, it is church policy that for them to go inside a building with us, there has to be a 3rd female. So Elder Coby and I, being the geniuses that we are, devised a plan. We invited a member of the ward that will be leaving on his mission soon, Allen, to come over and hang out with us, and to bring his non-member girlfriend so that the sisters could go inside. After p-day was over, Elder Dodson and I sat down with Allen and his girlfriend and she started asking us tons of questions. We ended up having a very spiritual lesson, and then washed it down with a home-cooked meal by Brother Johnson. It was awesome. It was especially awesome because back when I was companions with Elder Johnson and Allen was out with us, we always threatened him that we would go to his girlfriends house instead of where we told him we would go. We seriously stressed the poor guy out a few times. It was hilarious. But now he sees that missionary work isn't always so serious. Sometimes it really is fun and games!

We also had some other awesome moments with investigators last week. We gave Ana a church tour, taught our 9 year old on-date the plan of salvation. We also taught David, our 25 year old soon to be on date, the Plan of Salvation. It was a super cool lesson, and It was enhanced by the fact that he kept his commitments to read and pray. You really can feel a difference when they have done their homework. It is just awesome!

We also had another baptism in the district! It has a pretty cool story behind it, too. Elder Criddle, who is now serving in Zillah, used to serve down in Hood River Oregon about a year ago. There was one day last year that he had to stay in Zillah with his companion and proselyte there for a few hours because the pass was snowed in and they could not get home after a meeting. They spent most of the time tracting that day, and it wasn't until Elder Criddle was transferred to Zillah a year later that he realized he had met the person that they were preparing for baptism a year ago when they were tracting. Crazy how things work out sometimes! The guy that they baptized, Alex, is so cool. He has got a burning testimony and even though he's only 17, I can see him being a 70 someday and sharing that story over the pulpit of the conference center. Elder Criddle also has a habit of asking me to play the guitar and sing a hymn at every meeting he is in charge of, so that happened. 

Speaking of Elder Criddle, every time we are around each other, something weird happens. For example, on exchanges:
1.) a skunk sprayed right outside of our bedroom window at 2:00 AM. 
2.) A battalion of squirrels were underneath our car when we went outside the next morning. 
3.) He was called by a Daniel L. Johnson of the 70 and asked to have an interview with him at Zone Conference. 

Speaking of Zone Conference, it was incredible. As mentioned above, Daniel L. Johnson of the 70 was there, and when he spoke, he told us all to put away our notebooks, and that the spirit would help us remember the things that really matter. His entire time there he counselled with us how we can better help people recognize their first identity, a child of God. It was so spiritual, and we all left the building practically floating. Afterwards, we went to a pizza place where someone paid for our pizza, and as we walked out of that building we were floating even higher. Elder Criddle said, "how could this day get any better?" and as we approached our car, we saw a tub of redvines on the hood that had a card on it that read, "Hurrah for Isreal!" We listened to a song called "God is Good" the entire way home. What a day.

So that was our week. At least some of it. It's hard to explain all of the awesome moments that come when on a mission, so I'll just leave it there. 

Have  great week, everyone! Love you!
Elder Moser

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