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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

100 Degrees and Goals for the Zone

June 6, 2016
Last moments with Elder Johnson.

That time we drove a Mustang to the transfer site.

Sunnyside Clan

We had a pretty good week last week! It all started with a Zone P-day BBQ at a members house in Granger. It was so much fun. We played softball as a zone, had some delicious food, and then the Aylings (the members whose house we were at) started a water fight. They had their entire family there, and it felt like a Moser Reunion! I guess their family isn't exactly known for doing things the traditional way.  So by the end, I was totally soaked and had a bunch of ice in my shirt... Good times! Before they started spraying everyone with water, though, they got the zone leaders and "measured them for coffins" (since one is going home soon). They blindfolded them and laid them down on the grass. They got some tape measures and measured their arms, chest, length, etc. and when they got to their legs, they lifted them up and then dumped ice water down their shorts. Hence the water fight. 

It was a bit of a slower week this week, but we have no doubt that it will pick back up. Between graduation week here in Sunnyside and the beginning of cherry harvest, things have been a little crazy. Erica, our new on date from last week, also will be in the Seattle Hospital for a month while she has her baby. So things will pick back up here in a little bit. Jory Anderson, our ward mission leader was also released in church yesterday, so we are sad about that. We're going to miss all the hard work he put into his calling and the free back adjustments at his office. 

We had a really cool Zone Training Meeting last week. Our mission is super unified in our goals, and as a zone we set a goal for 6 baptisms this month. It's a lot lower than the goal usually is, but we all felt like it was what we should go for. The zone leaders also asked me to play the guitar and sing, so I played "Ill Go Where You Want Me to Go" to end the goal setting session. 

There was some really awesome moments from last week, even though it was a little slower than usual. We got some awesome referrals from HQ and found some new people to teach. We also met up with a less active family that we have been working with, had an awesome lesson with their family, and put their 9 year old son, Tyler, on date for the 25th. His parents are both supporting them in his decision, and their entire family is starting to come back. It's so cool to see. 

The church is true, people. Too many miracles happen for it to not be.

Thank you all for the support! it's starting to get a little hot down here, so pray for us :) Love you!

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