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Friday, July 8, 2016

The Harvest is On!

June 27, 2016
​The sunsets from our backyard are always perfect.
 You can even see Mt. Rainier poking through in the background

Guess. What. Another awesome week in Sunnyside. 

Our district had another baptism last week, at which I performed "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus". It was for a girl named Sarah, and Elder Dodson actually went to school with her brother in Joyce. Since his graduating class was only 14 people, the odds of that happening was pretty low. It's a tiny world! Zillah also is having another baptism on Thursday, so they will have officially baptized weekly for a solid month. Miracles. 

Last week was really just a week of a lot of hard work. It definitely paid off, because we saw tons of miracles. For example, we tracted into a girl named Desiree who has already gone to church a bunch of times with her friends in Zillah, and she was also enrolled in seminary last year. She's super friendly and even went to mutual once we invited her, so I don't really understand why missionaries haven't taught her in the past. She's golden.
​When you teach people that work in the orchards. From the tree to my belly 
                               in under 12 hours. Yes please.

We had another lesson with Melchor last week, who has quickly become an eternigator because every time we mention the Book of Mormon he kind of shuts down and only wants the bible. But this past week, we had a very spiritual lesson where we just helped him understand that the Book of Mormon is just another testament of God's love for us. Why wouldn't we want to read it? By the end, we literally saw this man receive personal revelation. His face lit up, and he told us "When you started talking about that, I'm gonna be honest, I actually caught myself wanting to read that book!" So basically, people can change. Who knew, right?

Coby Johnson finally has his call! He's been waiting to open it just so that the whole zone (president included) can watch him open it. I'm super excited for him. I've never seen anyone work so hard to be able to serve a mission. It reminds me of the privilege it is to represent the Savior like we do.

On a different note, I hope everyone got their free taco from Taco Bell last week. Ya'll already know I did. And sorry for the kind of short email this week, it just means that I will have a lot to say next week!

Peace and blessin's,
Elder Moser

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