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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sunnyside Shenanigans - Transfers, On Dates, and Mustangs

May 30, 2016

Another awesome week in Sunnyside! This last week was a little bit weirder than the last, so I'll share a few stories.
Last week was my last few days with Elder Johnson, and I am so bummed about that. We saw tons of miracles together and it is super weird seeing him back as just another member of the ward. He didn't want to go back, either. We both wished that we could just stay companions for the rest of our missions because we are like brothers now. The last few days together were pretty weird as well.
We got 2 new investigators, Marissa and Brianna,  on date for June 25th. So that was awesome.
 We were in a lesson with a crazy guy that just wanted to bash with us and long story short, the lesson escalated to the point where the guy was just ripping on Elder Johnson's grandpa, who happens to be the temple president. I was trying to end the lesson gracefully, but the guy would not let me. So Elder Johnson, the future Navy Seal, stood up, grabbed him by the shoulder, and escorted him out of the church. Good times.

Transfers were on Wednesday, and since Elder Johnson was released as a full time missionary on Tuesday, we got to take his dad's Mustang GT to the transfer site to "save miles." Pulling into the transfer site in his dad's mustang was legendary. A few missionaries were pretty confused and thought that maybe we were just super apostate. Good times.
I'm with my new companion! His name is Elder Dodson, and he's from Joyce WA, up by Forks. He's awesome. He is the definition of fearless. He will talk to anyone anywhere. He is also a 2 transfer missionary, meaning that he will get his actual call while he is out here. It's gonna be sweet seeing two of my trainees leave for other  missions and being able to hear from them! 

A lot of changes have been going on this week. Since the sisters were doubled in, I am now the longest serving English missionary in Sunnyside. So I've been scrambling trying to figure everything out. We also moved apartments this week. We now live out in the country in a little cottage that I'm pretty sure used to be for the Migrant workers. It's pretty sweet. We also have a sweet view of Mount Adams and Rainier. It's different being just the two of us. I got used to sharing everything with another companionship in our last apartment, but I'll adjust. I did for 6 months already. Haha. We also live behind some members that feed us a lot of incredible food. They are officially our grandparents. We have had to start running just to stay alive. 

I have some pretty awesome pictures from this last week, but we are using different computers today that can't upload pictures. So I'll have to share next week.
Love you all! Have a great Memorial Day!

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