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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Before Moses Lake Comes to an End-Pics!

March 13 (Cont.)
Haha I figured Uncle Eric was an AP. And I love all the members from ML! They really appreciated us, and it motivated us to work harder and harder. They were all freaking out about the AP thing though. I don't even know how they heard... But being an assistant means that we make President's life as easy as possible, and Sister Call's life as hard as possible. Sister call is the main office lady. She is hilarious; in this mornings meeting, she was shooting Elder Taele with a rubber band from across the table during a discussion. The assistants are always pranking her, so I'm excited to tag along! And we don't live in the mission home, we have an apartment like 20 blocks away from the office.

This is Wyatt, the YSA ward mission leader. We get along pretty well.

​That is "YSA" in sign language. Please forgive E. Poloncic.

The 11th Ward Youth! Front Left is Lawrence (AKA Lil' Prince), and the one to the right
 of him is Jay, the PMF that we taught for a long time. He still isn't baptized, but he will be someday :)

​The Madrishins. One of the funniest families I have ever met.

The Osborne Fam! These guys do missionary work like nobody's business!

Varinder Singh and Kultar Singh. We caught him pretty early, so he actually
put a shirt on over his bathrobe for the picture haha.

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