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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Rainy Days and Pocket Jesus

October 17, 2016

Hey everyone!

By the way, Sister Lewis says hi. :)

Basically, Elder Bird and I have been short on time all week, which is an awesome problem to have. Everything just worked out this week, and it just makes me feel good. The rain and the fog and the changing color of the leaves gives me anxiety for winter, but hey, we're all good. For now.

Something that I've noticed (and kind of missed) since serving in Yakima is that I don't have as many crazy stories to tell about my week. Everybody here is pretty normal. So I'm sorry if you think my emails are boring!

Maseo is doing great. He will be receiving the priesthood next Sunday, and will soon after be interviewed for a temple recommend. We are hoping that Elder Bird and I can get permission to go on the YSA temple trip with them next month! Gerold is also blowing our minds with his ultra-preparedness. He's living the Word of Wisdom, and will be going down to Tri-Cities to visit the temple grounds with some friends this week.

Exchanges with the AP's were last week, and they were way too much fun. Elder Taele and I were together in Cottonwood Canyon, and we had a blast. We taught one couple, Randal and Kristie, that we have been trying to teach for months now. They have been super busy, but things are finally slowing down for them. We had such an awesome experience with them a few months ago, and we are hoping that we can rekindle that fire. That night, Elders Taele and Canon demonstrated how to sock wrestle, and besides wrecking the entire downstairs of the Finch's house in 0.3 seconds, it was a fun time. Before we were about to start the tournament, however, the Fitch's distracted us with popcorn and conversation upstairs. So we did that instead :)

Elder Bird and I also got a referral for a guy in his 50's named Joe that lives out in the sticks of Tampico, a town-ish that we cover. He and his wife, Jane, are awesome people. They love God and politics, and we are so excited to teach them :)

Note: if your car gets jacked up by another car via some crashy crashy stuff, the mission will sometimes let you drive the mission truck, a Silverado, while your car is in the shop. The STL's just pulled that trick. So yeah.

Here's a protip for any future missionaries out there. Preach my Gospel is the best. For real. So many times on my mission I have had questions about what I'm doing, and it wasn't until I actually turned to the manual that I figured out how to tackle my challenges. So just use it, and you will find the answers you need. It's like it was inspired or something like that!

Stake conference was 2 days ago, and it was a great experience. It was also great seeing the Sunnyside Ward again! It was a very spiritual conference, and it made me realize how much I love the gospel and my family and everything. We are so blessed! 

I Love you all! The church is true, the gospel heals, and faith will always overcome doubt if we nourish it. Have a great week!

Peace and blessins,
Elder Moser

I apologize for the lack of pictures, my camera was lost all week and I was stressing, yo.
Writing email.

The whole valley smells like apples right now.

Sunset from our backyard.

Sister Skousen broke my watch during ultimate football.

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