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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Incinerated Turkeys and the Spirit of Elijah

November 28, 2016

If you are reading this right now, it means that you survived trying to eat yourself to death last Thursday


I'm emailing at a computer at the library right now. I hate doing that, because there's a little timer thing at the bottom of the screen that makes me feel like I have no time to write, even though I still get 1.5 hours like always. So here we go!

Monday was really fun. We played ultimate Frisbee and Basketball with the zone, and by the time we were down, we were so worn out. Afterwards, we went down to Zillah for the YSA's FHE to play some football under the lights at Zillah High School. We had a good time, even though President Finch knows some killer plays. We had a great turnout, and there lots of non-members and less-actives there! With some hot chocolate and socializing at President Winters house afterwards, it was a perfect day. I slept like a baby rock that night.

On Tuesday, I was on exchanges with Elder Nielsen from SLC. We had a fun time and tried some new things. For example, we started off our day proselyting on the YVC campus across town. It wasn't super successful because class had just started, but we and the other YSA sisters have an idea to start a hot chocolate stand and pass out the Light the World cards with free hot chocolate. Sounds fun to me! 

Wednesday was Zone Conference, and it was a blast. Elder Bird and I were in charge of conducting the role-plays for the new Christmas initiative, which was super fun, and the whole conference was just upbeat and exciting! Right afterwards, I was on exchanges again with AP Elder Cannon from Springville. We are pretty much the same person. We have both learned a lot of the same things on our missions, and both have a lot of the same goals in life and crazy bucket list items. I think I may have found my travel buddy when I ride my bike across the US :) We had such a fun time, and saw miracles pretty much right away! That night was dinner with the Tew family in our ward, and their youngest son had brought over 2 friends; one member and one non-member. Somehow, we got on the conversation of family history. When Elder Cannon and I were talking about it, the non-member friend, Martin, didn't seem too interested. He was just staring down at his phone the whole time. When we left, however, we discovered that he was actually making a Family Search account and had even started working on his tree right then and there! His two member friends blew me away with their testimonies of family history work and knowledge of the subject. Spirit of Elijah, anyone? 

That night, we also taught Jerald about family history work, and he already knew pretty much everything. Apparently, he does family history work during his breaks at work, and already has some names reserved for the YSA temple trip on the 14th. Jerald is making huge steps! He was ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday, and has even applied for BYU. This guy means business! It has been a ton of fun to take him out to lessons, too. We took him out to a lesson last week, but the guy cancelled last minute... So we went to Chipotle instead because our dinner fell through :) Good times.

Thanksgiving was amazing. Our original plan was to eat with a recent convert in the Ward, Kevin, but his oven went on clean cycle while he was out of the house, and... well, it incinerated it. Haha. So some members invited all of us to eat with them last minute. We also had dinner with the Bishop's family and had a good time listening to his stories about getting stuck in the jungle of Guatemala with his pregnant wife several years ago. So funny. 

Well, that timer is still stressing me out. So I'm gonna leave you all with some homework: 

Watch the new video on LDS.org called Light the World. It is a beautiful video about how we can learn of the savior and come to know him when we do what he did: Serve. Watch it and cry, folks. Do it. 

Peace and blessings,
Elder Moser

Zone Conference November 2016

The blue ties were carefully coordinated by the Zone Leaders. Pretty sweet, right?

The Agenda

​Exchanges with the AP's

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