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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Guns and Grills

November 14, 2016

This week has been fun.

The Yakima Zone is tight. Last Monday, we had a rad Barbecue here at the Finch Pad. We played dunkball, volleyball, and finished off the night with Elder Nielsen's specialty burgers. It was off the chain! Our zone is just the coolest. After the party, we had our first lesson with a referral that we got a few weeks ago, Reetha Pool. She is an elderly lady who's husband passed away a few years ago and is experiencing a lot of medical problems. The highlight of the night was when we pulled into the driveway of her house with our member, when her redneck son (coming from the neighboring house) Came out with no shirt, sagging pants, AND a pistol (an impressive display of multitasking) to see what was going on. He wasn't angry or anything, he just wanted to see what was up. Or something. But I guess there's some truth to what the people say about gun toting... uh... people. But our lesson was good. She told us that she isn't looking for a church, but she invited us back anyway. That night, we had FHE with the YSA, and we played chair soccer with like 50 people. It was super scary. 

Tuesday was aight. We used a bunch of miles going out to Tampico to help Joe, an investigator, stack wood. Really, though, he just wanted to talk about the election and the last days. It's hard to get anywhere with him, but he's a cool guy. 

Wednesday was transfers, and I saw my only surviving companion, Elder Folkman, again! We had a blast reminiscing about the olden days in Coulee Dam. I love that guy. He's serving in Naches now, so our areas are both super spread out and they touch. Maybe we'll cross paths again someday when we get lost out there! The Yakima Zone received 5 new missionaries (new to the zone, not mission) and we are excited to have them. Already they are killing it! I think on Wednesday night alone we got 5 new on dates!

Some things I learned:
1. Ferrets are like rat-snakes, and they be nasty
2. Awkward moments are a part of my daily life now, and it's pretty awesome. 

JC Tried to drop us last week. We just got a text from him saying thank-you, but that he didn't want to convert. We went over to his house the next day and had a good talk with him. He just told us that he feels like the whole YSA is way ahead of him spiritually, and he basically doesn't feel good enough. We just explained that he will always be good enough for the savior's help, and that it's ok if he doesn't feel ready now. One thing that he can't deny is the spirit he's felt at church, in our lessons, and when he reads and prays. So we are continuing our lessons with him :)

Jerald came out with us last week to a lesson with a less-active in the YSA, and he loved it. He is so gung-ho about missionary work that it's crazy. He also brought him to church for the first time in a year, so that was awesome. It is so cool seeing these recent converts jump right in and becoming active and helpful tools in the Lords church!

Alright, I have a lot of emails to write today, so I'm gonna leave it there. Love you all!

Elder Moser
Transfer Site November 9, 2016

Elder Lucio (Ft Elder Nielsen)

Elder Olson

Finch p-Day BBQ

​Also, I discovered that my camera has a long-exposure setting, 
so here's me shooting lightning out of my hands. 


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