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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Transfers, Transfers, and Transfers!

Oct. 3, 2016

HeyTip of the week: If any of you ever have the chance to send your missionary companion home, don't do it.

It brings upon you a whole bunch of those dumb emotions. When we dropped Elder Jarvis off at the mission home last week, I'm pretty sure that I was feeling more anxious for him than he was for himself. Yep. So don't do it.

With Elder Jarvis finishing his mission and going home early in the week, I was put in a tripanionship
with some of my good missionary friends until Elder Bird came down on Wednesday from Moses Lake. We had an awesome time together covering 3 areas at once, and topped it all off with a bonfire out in Cottonwood Canyon for the YSA's FHE. We had s'mores and hot dogs, and President Finch asked me to lead the group in some sing-along hymns with the guitar. Afterwards, he gave an awesome spiritual thought. He had a big poster hanging up on a tree with a guy showing an iPhone to the crowd. He then explained how we have to be careful when people are trying to chow us things that are "cool" because they could be damaging to our spirits. He then told us that we shouldn't even touch pornography with a ten-foot pole. Then he actually grabbed a literal 10-foot pole from behind another tree and stabbed it through the iPhone. There was a loud crashing sound, and when he ripped the poster away, the pole had been crushed by a bear trap that was hiding behind the poster! He definitely got our attention! Things aren't always as they seem.

So now I'm with Elder Bird from Mapleton, Utah. He is incredible.
He is a super hard worker, and I have a lot to learn from the capacity that he has to love people. He is going to do great things here! The past few days have been super busy. We have been running around and meeting lots of new people. Even though Cottonwood Canyon is really spread out, it is full of potential. We have met several part-member families, and one of them is open to taking the lessons, so we are excited about that :) We also got in contact with Tim, our would-be baptism, and had a good conversation about his plan for moving forward. The YSA has been filling any extra gaps of time that we might have had as well. We are still teaching Gerold, and he is still excited about his Baptism on the 22nd of this month! Maseo also came to all four sessions of conference with us at the stake center and was "amazed" by everything. He had been looking forward to it for a while, so we are glad he enjoyed it :) Gerold also came to the Priesthood session with us and stayed awake, even though he said he was a little confused by the end. Everyone progresses at their own pace :)

I love conference. I especially love the simplicity of the messages they shared with us. What stuck out to me were the several talks about how repentance is something to look forward to and something to be grateful for. It isn't always easy, but the pain and regret that comes with it is always swallowed up in the joy that comes by it. The plan of salvation is based around the savior. We need Him. It's part of the plan. If we were sinless, we wouldn't need him. But I know that our weaknesses are made perfect through Christ. So don't be scared of repentance. Instead, let it make you the happiest you have ever been:)

Love you all!
Elder Moser

Mission Leadership Conference October

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