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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

An Email

Sept. 12, 2016

I guess I'll start off this Email by telling y'all that I got bit in the butt by a dog. I have never been scared of a dog in my life, and I've dealt with hundreds of them on my mission. Usually, a mean looking dog will calm down once you let it smell you and after you pet it. But last week, while stopping by a referral for YSA, a dog cornered me against the door I was knocking and my own fear, and as I was walking away, it jumped up and bit me. I have never been more angry at an animal in my life, nor have I used my scriptures as a weapon against flesh-eating nasties. But hey, I'm still here. 
Speaking of YSA, things are going pretty well. We got 3 new referrals last week, and most of them didn't have dogs, which was cool. Also, Brother Finch was called as the new Branch President, which totally caught us all by surprise! We are super excited because Brother Finch is an awesome guy, but we are a little bummed that our Finch monopoly is coming to a close. Joseph also came to church for the first time yesterday, something that he had been looking forward to for a long time, to see if this was something that was really for him. That night we got a text from him explaining that he felt weird about how we elect our leaders (lack of understanding) and that he doesn't feel like this is something for him. It was hard to take, especially since we didn't have time to explain the process because we didn't know the presidency was getting changed. It's tough watching someone's doubts slowly overtake their faith, but it's inevitable when the seed isn't taken care of. We feel like he has a good basis, and I hope that missionaries will teach him again later. 

Maseo, on the other hand, is doing amazingly well. last week we had 2 lessons with him, and in our first lesson after reading out of the Book of Mormon for the first time, he literally asked us what he had to do before he got baptized. Myself, Elder Jarvis, and Grayson, the member that knows him from high school, were all in shock. But not really, because that's just the kind of person Maseo is. He's on date for the 24th of this month, and we are so excited for him!

In Cottonwood Canyon, things have been a little slow, mainly because the YSA is picking up like crazy. We did teach one of our recent convert's girlfriend, Katrina, because she told him that after seeing the change in him, she wants to get baptized. We are excited for her too, but we want to make sure that she is doing this for herself and not for Kevin. Tim is finally doing better. He came to church yesterday, and it turns out that the reason he hasn't been available is because his well literally went dry, which is very uncool. It's funny how Satan throws a wrench in people's plans right before they are about to get baptized. But not really.

In other news, Nate Martin, a member of the Blackfoot NW Stake, has a cousin from Blackfoot that I met this week while helping a member move out of his house. So there's the weird connection for the week :)

There's the week! We are loving it! Be careful around flesh-eating beasts! 

Peace and blessin's,
Elder Moser

Two Men.
One Corolla. 
Thousands of souls.

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