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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Miracles on Miracles

Sept. 26, 2016

This week was pure gold. We were kept busy the whole time, and had tons to do between Elder Jarvis's departing items and the rest of our busy schedule. Maseo Pleasant was also baptized into the YSA last saturday! It was such an awesome experience. His dad was even there to watch him. It was funny, because Maseo's dad is a big black dude with attitude and pretty much just owns whatever room he walks into. So while we were waiting for the 5-10 minutes before the service was about to start, Maseo's dad walked into the room and started clapping and was getting all excited. That went pretty well with the prelude music :) We were glad his dad was there to support him. When Maseo was actually baptized, however, his dad was completely silent. It was almost surprising, but we think he just felt a touch of the spirit. It was so awesome! After the baptism, Maseo took us to Olive Garden for some delicious food, and thanked us for everything we've done for him, even though we are the ones who should be thanking him for letting us be part of his life. Ya'll don't even know. I'm so excited to see where he goes in the church and in his life. Maybe even a mission! 

We also got a referral in the YSA for a 19 year old guy named Gerold. He is super cool. He kind of reminds us of Maseo. Soft spoken, but sincere. Gerold went to his friends farewell talk right before she left on her mission, and he told the missionaries that he thinks he want's to get baptized. We taught Him the restoration at his friend's parent's house, and  put him on-date for the 22 of October. He's a pretty smart guy, so we are amped. He is so willing to learn that we don't see any hold-ups for him. So basically the YSA can be summed up in one word: Murcles. Murcles everywhere.

Speaking of awesome lessons, we had a not so awesome lesson with Katrina, our recent converts girlfriend in the Ward. We were trying to teach her the restoration, but it was just one distraction after another. First, her daughter hit her head on the desk and started screaming uncontrollably followed by her daughter violently throwing up all over. Then, after that got all cleaned up and we could finally start teaching again, a past missionary called our recent convert, Kevin, and he gladly put him on speaker. So not much teaching went down. But hey, not every lesson is perfect. Some of them are super not. Super not perfect. 
Transfers are going down, everyone. Elder Jarvis is going home, and I'm getting a new companion that I've never met named Elder Bird. Elder Jarvis and I have grown so much together that it is unreal. I know that we were put together to learn. We have had so many revelatory experiences together, and we are practically brothers. I'm so grateful that the mission allows me to make these kind of friendships :)

Peace out, everybody. Love ya!
Elder Moser
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