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Friday, July 8, 2016

I Love Everything and Everyone

July 4, 2016
Another gorgeous Sunnyside sunset outside our apartment.

At least the cows listen.
Hello from the outside.

This week was pretty sweet. But lets start from the beginning:

Coby Johnson finally got his mission call! The entire Yakima Zone came down to Sunnyside for p-day to watch him open it and to play some games at his house. The whole "playing games" thing didn't really pan out because it was like 100 degrees outside, but we did watch him open it, and he has been called to the Maputo Mozambique Mission speaking Portuguese. He honestly thought that he was going to be called to Utah, but he literally served in his hometown, and you can't get closer than that. Anyway, he will do amazing things. He leaves after I hit my year mark in October, so he's got some time to prepare, too. And also, I will proudly say that I was the closest guess with South Africa. It's also cool to think that my posterity tie (a tie signed and then passed from trainer to trainee) will be moving from Washington to Africa. 

The district! Elder Jarvis, me, Sister Robalin, Sister Hobbs, Elder Olson,
Elder Criddle, Elder Dodson, and Elder Barbour up front.
We found a bunch of super solid people to teach this week, including a lady named Santa who's best friend was just baptized, a young father named Anthony, and 3 friends that were hanging outside of a recent converts house. We also put our miracle investigator, Desiree, on date for the 23rd after a super cool lesson about the Plan of Salvation. As we taught her, we asked her what she thought about life after death. She told us that she didn't think that we just went to heaven or hell, but that we would spend some time in what she called "the guff" to learn and increase our knowledge about what we didn't have the chance to in this life. She has a bunch of theories about where we come from and where we go, and they all happen to be doctrinally correct, so we might as well be trying to teach a member. It is so cool.  The ward here has also been super supportive in fellow shipping these new people right away. Just the other night we were having dinner at President Linde's home, and by the time we left, they had planned for a "taco night" every Sunday to invite investigators and less actives to. I love this ward so much. 

There have also been some changes. Jory Anderson, our ward mission leader, has been released and replaced with Brother Weaver, a family practice doctor here in town. He is super cool and really wants to get up in our business, which, as a missionary, is a huge help. It is awesome. 

Also, transfer calls were this week. Unfortunately, I am already leaving Sunnyside to head for Yakima as a Zone Leader. I will be replacing an elder that is going home, Elder Barbour, and he is one of the best missionaries I have ever met, so I have some big shoes to fill. My companion will be Elder Jarvis, who is another awesome missionary, so I am quite humbled. So far on my mission, I haven't had a clue what I'm doing, and it looks like that streak is going to continue for a while. Haha. :) I'm super bummed that I don't get to stay in Sunnyside and watch miracles unfold, but I will get to serve here on exchanges once or twice this upcoming transfer, so that's cool. 

Overall, Elder Dodson and I are going to miss serving together. We saw some amazing things happen. Just yesterday we had one of the most spiritual lessons ever with a member and his girlfriend that almost left us all in tears. This district has been the coolest and most unified district that I have ever had, and I am so sad that I am leaving them. Sunnyside is awesome, and the members are awesome, and the people are awesome. Everything is awesome when you are a missionary. 

Love you all!
Peace and blessin's,
Elder Moser

Transfer Day, July 6, 2016

Elder Jarvis's reaction to me becoming his companion. Actually this was before transfer calls haha.

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