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Sunday, July 31, 2016

1st Week in Yakima!

July 11, 2016

This past week has all been a blur. It has been awesome, though!

Things have been super crazy since leaving Sunnyside. Most of our time has been spent in meetings, which is kind of draining sometimes, but it's cool because I get to meet a lot of missionaries that I haven't had the chance to serve around. Because of the craziness of getting settled into a new area, we haven't really had any time to do missionary stuff. But the Cottonwood Canyon ward is full of some awesome people that I can tell will make all the difference, so I am amped for that. We also cover YSA, which I didn't know before, so that's awesome. 

The ward boundaries are super spread out and cover the outskirts of Yakima, and looks like classic Washington; rolling hills, orchards, sunsets, you know. What's better, though, is that the people here, especially in the ward, are super friendly. I got like 4 hugs from the Elders Quorum, and they probably don't even know my name yet. It's really cool to see how close this ward is with their missionaries, and they know how to work with them. It is a little stressful though, because the missionary who's place I took was an incredible elder. He did amazing things here with Elder Jarvis, and now we need to keep it up.

Elder Jarvis is awesome. We get along too well, and we have had an awesome time serving the Yakima Zone. I feel super lucky to have a companion that works hard and can show me the ropes, and even more lucky to be in a position where I can serve and love the people and the missionaries the best I can. 

​Me, Tyler, and Elder Dodson
Also, Tyler got baptized last week in Sunnyside! I'm glad I got to go down for the baptism and see his family again. I have definitely learned from preparing a 9 year old for baptism. It was also cool seeing the Sunnyside ward again after a whole 5 days. They won't be able to get rid of me :)

My brain is fried after last week, so I don't really know what else is going on. But I'll probably think of them right after I leave. So I'll just let you know next week. :)

Have a great week, everyone! 
Elder Moser

Trying to plan be like...

We live with the Finch's, who I actually met before when I taught them
over Skype in the MTC. We have the bottom floor.
Here's the view from our backyard :)

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