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Monday, October 26, 2015

Coulee Dam

I'm finally in my first area with my new companion!
This is the only picture I have of Elder Coy presently.
My new companion is Elder Coy and we have been assigned  to the Coulee Dam area. It is a 3 hour drive north of Yakima, and is a pretty cool place. Our area is the biggest in the Yakima mission. We cover 10 small towns north of Coulee Dam on the way to Omak, about an hour drive. Because our area is a lot of back country, we even get to drive a Jeep! Unfortunately, its a soccer mom Jeep Compass. Pssh. Anyways, we get 1600 miles a month. We are almost out of miles for this month, which means that we have had to stick to tracting the areas closest to us. These areas get tracted alot, though, so we haven't had a lot of success. I cant wait until our miles renew so that we can finally go up north. 
It is really interesting to be a missionary in a tiny community like Coulee Dam.
Coulee Dam from city.

Firstly, the Coulee dam is the biggest dam in the world (or America, I'm not sure). It blocks the Columbia River and is a mile long and 550 feet high, and our apartment is only a mile from it.

Secondly, we live on an Indian Reservation, so on my first day here we were proselyting to a lot of Native Americans.

Elder Coy taught me how to make balloon poodle! 
Thirdly, there are dear everywhere up here. They aren't afraid of people, either. They are almost domesticated.
The deer listen better than the people when I proselyte.

We came upon this place while tracting.
And lastly, the ward here is tiny! The chapel is only 2 columns of six rows, and there are probably only 20 active members. The ward members here have to drive quite a ways to go to church, so that explains some of it, but it is still weird.

Thank you all for writing me and praying for the missionaries! We all thank you for your support!

Tote zins to ya

Elder Moser

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