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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Zone Conf x4

July 31, 2017

I apologize in advance for the potential this email has to be kinda boring. 

It was a week of zone conferences, so most of our week was spent going to each of those. I will spare you the details, because all that Elder Allsop and I did was set up each zone conference and conduct. We had four separate zone conferences, so we were pretty busy all week long. I honestly feel like I don't need to say a whole lot about zone conferences since Sister Lewis was also at each one and probably took one million pictures of everything... But I will say that it was really unique! The majority of the conference was about working with the members in your area, and especially ward leadership. To make it more exciting, President Lewis invited Bishops and Ward Mission Leaders from around the area to attend their local zone conference and to sit in a panel where we could ask them questions about how we can better work with them to do missionary work. Another highlight of the conference was in Moses Lake, when the projector screen snapped shut and exploded all over the floor during the very spiritual musical number at the end. Sometimes, the spirit is so strong that things break!

On Friday night, we drove down from the Wenatchee zone conference and met the Ephrata Zone Leaders, Elders Fullmer and West, at our apartment for exchanges. They are very funny individuals. We laughed a ton. They are both super smart and love science, so I had a ton of fun being with Elder West the next day talking about XKCD, Space X, and other crazy science stuff. At one point, we were hypothesizing how long the human race would survive on cannibalism alone. Haha. He is so fun to talk to, and it brought a lot of energy to our contacting. We tracted into 2 part member families and met a few other people who really have potential! It is also amazing to see how Heavenly Father helps us in our area when we don't have the time to work in it all week!

Last week, we had a lesson with Matt and his friend, Steven. Steven is now on-date for August 26th! Matt is the perfect person to fellowship Steven, even though he isn't a member. What better support to have than a friend who is trying to start living the gospel in the same ways you are? We also had a great lesson with Laurette and Sister Ferris, a recent convert in our ward who is around the same age as Laurette and who was tracted into and brought into the church using family history about a year ago. She is literally perfect for Laurette! She testified of the Book of Mormon in such a sincere way. It was incredible. We have a church tour with her tomorrow, so we are excited to see where that goes!

I love the people here. I love the hot whether. I love pretty much anything about where I have been called to serve (except for the dogs) and I wouldn't rather be doing anything else!

Peace and blessings,
Elder Moser
​Elder Woodward looks like my brother Brad and is
the first missionary to be trained in Coulee Dam since
 I was (almost 2 years ago) so we're practically blood relatives

Elder Nathan Allen Walker​

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