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Thursday, August 3, 2017


(Editorial Note: This email was found still in its draft form and by publishing has now been put in out of sequence. This is an old email that belongs with the LAST transfer planning.)

June 5, 2017


Today will officially be the shortest email I have ever written because it is transfer week, and we have been busy all week long with transfer planning, which is pretty boring to read about. However, with this new transfer, I have seen first hand how Heavenly Father works. For the most part, he works with us in step by step increments until we come to the right conclusion. It is incredible to see President Lewis's understanding of that process. He is so patient, so thorough, and overall, very cheerful; even though his job would take 15 years of the average person's life expectancy. So much to do, so many different things to worry about. But God truly does watch over his missionaries and His church worldwide, and He does what needs to be done through His chosen servants. It is cool to see.

All of our investigators are doing well. The only real update is that Evelyn's mom couldn't come to church yesterday, so we will have to wait until next week for her baptisms to be an option. That's ok though. We're feeling blessed!

Love you all!

Peace and blessings,
Elder Moser

Transfer study...

Throwback to the moment when Elder North had a bucket o' fish ​in his lap as we helped a non-member move

This transfer we've had a special assignment for three of our Elders-- vehicle maintenance and repair.

Joining in on "National Donut Day!"

More transfer board studying.

Recording Transfer changes.

Trying to start a new fad: Paper Clip tie tacks.

A little hacky sack while we wait for a meeting to begin.

Transfer planning meeting.

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