Washington Yakima Mission

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Zone Conference x4

 When Sandra and Hannah (Previously Sister Atkinson and Sister Rasmussen) came back to visit!
Matt, Sarah, Calvin (16), Curtis (2), and Josephine (2 mo.) looking good at church :)

Rainy Wenatchee

May 15, 2017

It was soooo good to see you all yesterday! That was a great Skype call to end on. You all look so good! The handshake was taught to us by Elder Hamblin who is serving in the same ward as us. We still need some practice :)

This is going to be the shortest email of all time because zone conferences were all last week. On Tuesday, we had zone conference in Yakima. Then, we went to Moses Lake that night to set up for the next day. After Moses Lake Zone Conference Wednesday, and after a tender mercy that allowed Elder King and I to see all of our favorite Moses Lake members, we left for Wenatchee to spend the night with the Wenatchee Zone Leaders and set up for the next day. Then we had our Thursday conference, left that night and set up for the lower half of the mission zone conferences in Toppenish. 

And then poof: It was Saturday.

On Saturday, I was on exchanges back in the good old Cottonwood Canyon ward in Yakima! Elder Hoskins and I had a super fun time and I also got to see some of my favorite members. I love that ward. Some of the funnest people ever. Elder Hoskins and I, along with Elder King and Elder Hughes, also stargazed out on the trampoline that night in true Cottonwood Canyon fashion. It was a blast. 

Sunday was the best. Elder King and I saw some incredible miracles, even though we didn't spend very much time in our area last week. We had 8 investigators at church: Evelyn and her mom, Matt and Sarah and their whole family, a new investigator named Ann, and even DAVID. The Jesus look-alike. We went out of the doors after the sacrament to head to another ward to help with a confirmation, and their was David, sitting with his friend Nina and her uncle, Billy! In that very moment, we flashed back to the moment we met David on his doorstep, when his opening line was "you'll never convince me." We could not believe he was actually there. To us, it was hilarious. But we gladly helped him and his crew find a seat in the chapel! David still isn't interested in the church, but it is so cool to see how the gospel softens hearts and builds friendships -- even if they don't accept it right away. It's the coolest. 

After hearing the same message four times at all of the zone conferences, I learned a lot. I could say a lot about everything that was said, but the biggest thing that stuck out to me was how easy it is to feel like a failure on a mission if you measure the wrong things. There is so much good accomplished by every missionary that serves obediently, but most of it is unseen. There is no way to measure success unless you look at your heart. The Savior cares most about where our hearts are. And when ever my heart has been in the right place, that is when I have found the most joy; regardless of whether or not we are seeing the evidence of our work. 

Love you all!

Peace and blessings, 
Elder Moser

We saw a bunch of Chinooks this week. I think these are Chinooks.

​The Moses Lake Krew

The Wenatchee Krew

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