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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Transfers, Apostles, and Logistics

June 12, 2017

It has been a crazy week. Transfers, new missionary arrivals, a joint mission meeting with the Kennewick mission and Elder Neil L. Anderson... That kind of crazy.

We're glad that transfers went smoothly! I forgot to mention this in my last email, but yes- Elder King and I will be staying together for a 3rd transfer, which makes him my longest serving companion! We are obviously really excited about that. We have learned a ton together, and we (for the most part) have found our flow when it comes to administering and ministering. This past transfer went sooo much more smoothly than last. We are getting the hang of things, so it's a good thing that everything will change in another six weeks. Haha. Ha. Ha.

Even though the past week has been a crunch, we've still had time to work our area a bit. Matt and Sarah have a wedding date of August 12th, and then Matt will be baptized the next day. They have thought about moving it up a week, though. They are doing incredibly well! They are reading the Book of Mormon for 5 minutes every day as a family, and they have talked to the Bishop about marrying them. They also are in the process of making the wedding invitations and everything. It has been the most incredible thing to watch them grow in the gospel together. They are pretty much active members!

As I mentioned in the beginning, on Saturday last week, we had a joint mission meeting with the Washington Kennewick Mission in Tri-cities. We have been anticipating this meeting for over two months, trying to figure out the logistics of moving 160 missionaries all over central Washington to one location. We prepared for the worst, but everything worked out. Somehow. In attendance were Elder Neil L. Anderson, President Hallstrom from the presidency of the 70, Elder Koch of the 70 (who was just recently Coby Johnson's mission president in Mozambique!), and Elder Stapleton, an area 70. It was incredible. Surprisingly, the meeting was very relaxed. Elder Anderson got to know some things about our mission and helped lift our vision for what we can accomplish. He also put Elder King and I on the spot to know our mission's baptisms for the last three months, which was fun. He challenged us all to especially make the words of God part of our "bones." Overall, it was an amazing experience. We can't wait to talk about what we've learned as a mission! It was also pretty funny meeting a bunch of missionaries NOT from our mission, including the AP's. Haha.

Hope you all are loving life as much as we are! Have a great week!

Peace and blessings,
Elder Moser
Entertaining the Departing Sisters 6/5/17
Captivating story tellers

Talking a walk...

Singing a song....

Weighing their suitcases...

Playing the stick rhythm game and ALMOST winning...
 Bringing in the New Sisters 6/6/17
Describing the mission areas.

More entertaining games...

Unloading the car....




All aboard the Transfer Truck. The peas are Elder Boshard's (back center).
I gifted little starters to him in Moses Lake as a joke and he is
 actually growing little peas now.
 Doctrine of Christ Training. 6/8/17

 Mission Conference in Richland with Elder Neil L. Anderson


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