Washington Yakima Mission

Sunday, June 11, 2017

May 22, 2017
This week was, as they say, really really cool.

We started off with an exchange in one of the prettiest parts of our mission, Wenatchee. I was with Elder Harman, who is one of my favorite people to talk to because he is just so cool. Because both him and his companion are spanish missionaries, our entire day was in spanish. We taught a few lessons in spanish with him translating for me, and he taught me a lot about the language. After a year and a half of serving around spanish speaking people, I like to think that I've picked up quite a bit. At least enough to stumble my way through a door approach! 

The next day, we made the drive to Omak, which is the nethermost region of our mission. It is probably our favorite exchange to go on because we are light years away from Yakima and we get a taste of everything; Hispanics, white people, Native Americans... it is super fun! I was with Elder Allsop who is literally me in another persons body. We have pretty much all the same interests it feels like. We had an incredible day, and helped a family of three to commit to a baptismal date. We also taught a super cool young couple named Jeff and Amanda who life in the middle of the forested mountains in a cabin. It is beautiful! One of my favorite parts about being a missionary is seeing how the gospel affects everyone's lives differently. In those two exchanges, everyone we taught was sooo different from one another, but they all were drawn towards the same thing. Each of them had their own questions and challenges, but each felt God's love in similar ways. It is seriously so cool. I am so glad that the world is diverse and that people are all different. It is beautiful.

We were out of our area for a big chunk of the week, but we went hard for the days we were back to make up for it. Our investigators are all doing well, and we have been finding people to teach like crazy! I could talk about them forever, but I'll let you know how our lessons go next week. It sufficeth me to say that they are cool. 

The work keeps moving forward. One reason why missionary work is so enticing is that it is never finished. Elder King and I have met so many people in just the last week who are ready for the gospel. Yesterday, we met a guy tracting named David who is living at a clean and sober house who is already striving to clean up his life. He is excited to be baptized, and set a date for June 17th. They are all around us. I wouldn't rather be doing anything else than sharing God's love with them!

Peace and Blessings,
Elder Moser
​The view from a member's living room in Wenatchee.
The picture doesn't make the mountains look as cool as they really are.

Jeff and Amanda's cabin

​​The classic Omak picture. The story behind it is too long to explain haha

Stretching the legs.

Monday at the office.

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