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Friday, April 28, 2017

Sasquatches, Teaching in the Hood, and Memories!

April 3, 2017 

​We got Sister Call pretty good this morning. I'll have to tell the story later :)

From Sister Lewis: "Between General Conference sessions, the APs came to help us
prepare for MLC this next week.  We took a quick break for food."

This past week has been one of the craziest/most fun/most memorable/most spiritual weeks of my life. 

Buckle in.

Last Monday, we had the sweet opportunity to exchange with the Omak Zone Leaders. Omak is about 4 hours north, an hour away from the Canadian border. I was so excited to go to Omak because 1. The Omak Elders are legit and 2. I

haven't been on exchanges to Omak since I was being trained in Coulee Dam!
Elder Harman and I, just
waiting for the keys to the apartment.

We saw some pretty cool parts of the mission on the way up that I haven't seen before, including Lake Chelan, Brewster, and some other pretty little towns. Our exchanges with the Omak Elders were awesome. Even though it was still central Washington, it didn't feel like it. I didn't realize it before - but northern Washington is crazy! The people are super cool and have crazy life stories, the scenery is beautiful, and it just felt like another country. I was with Elder Harman, and we had a blast talking to people and even got into a few houses while tracting. We stayed in Omak through Tuesday and left Wednesday morning to make it back to Yakima before District Council. I'll include some pictures of our adventure. We even drove through Coulee Dam on the way back! It felt so good to be back on the reservation, and it was fun being a tour guide to Elder King who kept saying "What?? What is this place?? Are we still in our mission?! This is so cool!" He is right. I didn't fully appreciate it while I was there, but Coulee Dam is unlike any other place. 
Welcome to Omak. These elders are absolutely hilarious.

Driving through my old area!
 Had to take a picture next to the Squatch

Our week was seriously PACKED with amazing things. On Wednesday, we had a lesson with our 12 year old investigator, Evelyn, and she has finally committed herself to be baptized on the 18th. We talked to her last night, and she said that even though she is ready, her mom wants to also be ready, and that she is going to start coming with her to church. Probably to make sure we are not brainwashing her, but hopefully this will be the perfect opportunity to teach the whole family.

On Thursday, we were on Exchanges with Wenatchee. The came down to Yakima this time, and we both split up and worked our area the whole day. Oh. My. Goodness. So many amazing things. One of the highlights of the night was when Elder Cannon and I taught a recent convert in our ward, Reggina, and her entire family as well as her cousin, grandma, and uncle. There were about 6 of them total, and they have been wanting to meet with us because they say that they have seen a huge change in Reggina and want to know what that change is. We had a really good restoration lesson with them, and they are an board with it all. They all wanted to come to church this week! 

We picked up a former investigator named Matt Palmer this week. He is awesome. Since the missionaries taught him last, he has quit smoking and he really wants to come back to church and be baptized. His wife is a less active member, but he has a son that is also a non-member. They are an awesome family and we have already taught them several times and have a great relationship with them. In Matt's prayer one night, he prayed and thanked God for having us come over, and that even though he says that a lot, that he really means it. Such a great family!
​Elder Cannon and I reppin' the streets

We also taught Carolina and Hector a few times last week, and they are SO COOL! Milo, their two year old, is my best friend now and Aubree, their nine year old, keeps them accountable to read and pray as a family. Every time we kneel in prayer with their family at the end of a lesson, the spirit is so strong. I already love them. Tonight we will be teaching them again and talking about baptism.

Conference was incredible! We had 2 of our investigators watch it with members, Evelyn and Kelly, the one who is trying to quit smoking. We loved the talk about taking the missionaries seriously. Not that they aren't taking us seriously, but it was such a perfect talk for them to hear! 

We picked up a new part member family this week, Angela (the member) and Bryan. Angela called us the day of transfers a few weeks ago and immediately said this:

"Hello, my name is Angela and a few days ago I jumped out of a 3 story window and shattered both of my legs. My husband and I are stuck at home and we want to take the lessons again."

Classic Yakima.

Angela is a recent convert of about 5 years, and Bryan is a Blackfoot Indian. They have a crazy story that I don't have time to tell, but Angela has been on every kind of hard drug for several years now. She was on hard drugs when she jumped out of the window a few weeks ago, and that is what woke her up. She is incredible. She has such a strong desire to feel the happiness the gospel has given her again, and she is so sincere and kind. It's sad to see how drugs have flipped her life around. Right now, she is on bed rest and lives in a really bad living situation. Like their room in the apartment is just a corner with some blankets hung across the ceiling. It is so small, that I had to sit on their bed while Elder King sat in the bathroom to teach them. But it is in those circumstances that help us realize that the gospel really is for everyone. There are a lot of people here that need the gospel, and it excites us that so many are willing to not only listen, but to change. 

The gospel is simple and powerful. It can change anyone and can be taught by two snot-nosed kids who only have room to teach from bathroom. I love the people here in Yakima. I love the way I've felt being here. I love being a missionary!

Love you all!
Elder Moser

Banks lake! Still in the Coulee Dam area

During his time of year, there are several waterfalls that go down the Coulee walls. So pretty.
Dry Falls. We talked to the guy in the visitor's center about the
Book of Mormon :)

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