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Friday, April 28, 2017

Exchanges, Baptisms, and Exchanges!

March 27, 2017
Writing Home

It's been a great week!

On Tuesday, Elder King and I drove the Enterprise (the mission 15 passenger van) with a load of new missionaries and their trainers up to Quincy for a Doctrine of Chist meeting, which is the 2nd part of a new missionary's training.
​The drive to Quincy
It was really cool! I haven't been to that meeting for several months, but I learned a lot about teaching the doctrine simply. I also got to meet a lot of new missionaries! That night, we visited a referral from the Spanish branch for a young family that showed up on Sunday out of the blue. The parents, Hector and Carolina, are looking for a good environment to raise their 2 year old son, Milo. Carolina remembers going to the Mormon church with her friends when she was young, so she is ready to give it another shot! We feel really good about that family. The spirit was definitely in there home, even though Milo was running all over the place like the chunky little stud he is. Such a cool family.

On Wednesday, the Ephrata Zone Leaders came down to Yakima to exchange. I was with Elder Burbank from New Mexico. We had a great time! It has been pretty weird for me to be in an area with tons of people and to have opportunities to talk to people on the street, but I love it. Elder Burbank and I met tons of cool and crazy people. We are especially excited about a big black guy named Pastor Daniel that said that his wife is a member from Bountiful Utah. He also said that he sometimes teaches from the Book of Mormon because it is the word of God. Prepared? We'll find out!

On Thursday, we went on exchanges with the Yakima Zone Leaders in Cottonwood Canyon. I was with the Elder that took my place when I left, Elder Ranta.
He is an amazing missionary! We had several lessons throughout the day with some awesome people, including one part member family who's wife will soon be baptized. It was a fun day, and I loved being back in my old area seeing some of my favorite members. We even saw Tim and Jen Darnell, the family who almost got baptized until the wedding fell through. Its a long story. But they seem happier and healthier than ever, and I'm sure they will be back on date soon! The four of us ended the night at the Finch's house with some Tim-Tam Slams (look it up) and some star gazing out on the trampoline before going to bed. It was a great time :)

On Saturday, we drove to Moses Lake for round three of exchanges. We were pretty tired by then, but of course we had an amazing time
Varinder Singh's baptism.
​Elder Poloncic was too far away to come :(
. I was with an old missionary friend, Elder Bawden. Some great things are happening in that area as well, even though they have just been doubled in. It was sooo good being back, even though I've only been gone for a few days. Elder King also served in Moses Lake, so we were pretty nostalgic. :) Also, Varinder Singh got baptized! Woohoo! Overall, a great day. Even though the Ward Mission Leader never showed up and I got to conduct the service. I felt like a bishop up there. Haha.

It's been hard to keep everything straight the past few days because so much happens every single week. We are seeing some great thing in our area, though. Evelyn joined us for a FHE at the Gilman's house last night, and we had a fun lesson about prophets and General Conference.

We are both having a blast talking to some of the coolest people! I don't even have time to mention them, but I'm learning a ton. I love Central Washington :)

Love you all!

Peace and Blessin's,
Elder Moser

The Moses Lake Krew...

Because one isn't enough.

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