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Friday, April 28, 2017


Vehicle meeting Monday morning.


Off to work!
April 17, 2017


Yesterday was probably the best Easter ever. We had so many people come to church! 5 of our investigators came, 4 less actives, and several other non-members. Matt and Sarah gave us permission to come wake them up at 7:00 on Sunday morning again, and just like before, Matt was ready to go by then. We were also excited to see Sarah awake as well! The only one that needed some help getting up was the 16 year old, Calvin. So this time, we bumped it up a notch with a pan flute and some freestyle Easter raps. Yes, a pan flute. We take wake up calls seriously. It was probably the best feeling ever watching the entire family walk into the chapel that morning! Their kids seemed to like it as well. Curtis, the 2 year old, loves nursery and sits quietly through sacrament meeting. We love their family because we have seen them progress sooo quickly. Just a few weeks ago, none of them were coming to church, and now they are reading, praying, and coming to church together! Matt and Sarah also prayed about a wedding date and said that they could easily get married in May. We are really praying that it works out, because they will get baptized as soon as they are married!

Sister Ray and her non-member fiance, Brian, came wheeling in yesterday morning too, as well as sister Ray's 5 year old daughter, Katie. She is adorable and fit right in with the rest of the kids. They are such interesting people, but they loved church!

Evelyn came to church yesterday (like she does every week), but we also got the chance to talk to her mom last week about her baptism. With Evelyn being the only member of the family, we were so glad we finally got to teach her mom. She committed to come to church with us next week so that she can see what her daughter is going to be baptized into. It is so awesome seeing how converted she is! She is pretty bold in front of her mom when she says that this is something that she knows she is ready for. 

Yesterday, the Spanish Sisters that cover our area told us that they have been teaching an English speaking 11 year old girl named Neisha, and that she was on-date for May AND that she was coming to our ward with them. Crazy. Neisha is super cool! She is basically a mini version of Reggina, a recent convert in our ward. We cant wait for them to meet!

A ton went into church yesterday. Besides hooking everyone up with a ride (and some with less-active rides), we felt like we were hosting a giant party the whole time because we were constantly playing match-maker with them and their fellowshippers. We were exhausted by the end of the last hour. Talk about a day of rest :)

We also went on 3 exchanges this last week. The first was with the Yakima Valley Spanish Zone Leaders.  I was with Elder Wunderlich. He is also a guitar player, so we had fun talking about that. Our day was packed, and we had tons of fun! Next up was with the Othello Zone Leaders. Othello is about an hour and a half away. I was with Elder Aguirre from Colorado, and the highlight of that exchange was when I ate a burrito the size of my arm. No lies. And Lastly, we exchanges with the Selah Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Hansen, the basketball pro. We had fun talking about some of our similar old areas, and met lots of cool people as we ran around the city. We talked alot about how crazy it is that we were just two children responsible for taking the gospel to such diverse and so much older people. It is an amazing responsibility!

This past week was an overall amazing week. Easter especially was such an amazing day. I felt like it was actually focused around the Savior. It was great. People on the streets were more friendly and also were happy to celebrate His resurrection. 

So yeah, being a missionary is sweet. :)

Have a great week everyone!

Peace and blessings, 
Elder Moser
I ate a taco this week as long as my arm!

Ward Party Luau...they made us hula.

Othello District council

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