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Friday, January 13, 2017

Leaving the Yakima Valley

Dec. 12, 2016

Well, I guess it has finally begun. The snow is everywhere, and it's cold. I was reading my journal the other day from when I was back in Coulee Dam. To quote myself; "I am PUMPED for the snow!" I'm just gonna let you all know that this year, the feelings are not the same. It really wouldn't be all that bad, but the sudden 8 inches of snow has made it impossible to get to a lot of places in our car. For example, yesterday we were trying to tract and we were driving up a very long, steep, unpaved driveway (Like a lot of the driveways in our area) that switch-backed up this hill. From that experience, however, we learned that Anti-lock brakes don't work when your sliding backwards. #Godsnotdead.

The week was great though! We went with the FHE last monday to the 7th Day Adventist church's "Journey to Bethlehem," a live nativity were you journey with your group to Bethlehem to pay taxes to the Romans. Along the way, you talk to shepherds, lepers, and people in the streets trying to sell you pottery and stuff. The highlight was when we were actually in the tax collectors tent. I was picked out of the group (some YSA, some random strangers) by a Roman Soldier. He pointed at me and shouted, "You there! What's your first name?" 

"Uhh, Elder. Elder Moser."

"You're lying! That's the most ridiculous name I've ever heard!"


After paying our taxes, there was one guy that tried to get away without leaving a coin. The Roman Soldiers wrestled him out of the tent, while the guy was screaming, "It was Elder Moser!" So now there's a new hashtag in the branch, #ElderMoserDidIt. It got some good laughs :) Ammon, the LA that we met for the first time last week also came, and he loved it!

On Tuesday, I was on exchanges with Elder Black, a convert cowboy from Erda, Utah. We had tons of fun together, and he was actually pretty excited about knocking the doors of all the farmers and ranchers in our area. He really clicks with them! We also had a lesson with Tim, who is doing better. He says that he wants to come back to church, but we have yet to see him there. Either way, it was good for his Deacon age son, Tavis, to get an invite to some upcoming scouting events form the member we brought with us.

On Wednesday, we had our Mission's Southern Half Christmas Gathering. We held the party at the Tree's house, which is like a maze inside. So many rooms, and so much party space! We had a great time socializing, seeing old friends, and waiting in line to try out the Tree's futuristic toilet. We also watched "Ephraims Rescue," and our zone performed the "Samuel the Lamanite/Go Tell it on the Mountain" song. It was a blast!

On Thursday, after coming up from the Lower Valley's District Council, we met our stake president, President Hendricks, for some Peach Shakes at Major's. By the time we left, it was snowing pretty hard, and the snow was sticking. Afterwards, we went with Jerald to a lesson with JC. It was Jerald's first time driving in the snow, so we thought we were going to die. Yakima is kind of hilly in some spots, so people were loosing their traction at intersections. Elder Bird and I hopped out to push a few people through stop signs. Party. 

This week wasn't the most productive for missionary work, which is a bummer; but we still saw our people. In the YSA, JC is doing well. He wanted to learn more about Joseph Smith because he feels like he can relate, so we left him to read JSH 1-20. When we came back, he told us that he had read JSH all the way through and he kept reading through all of the JST's. Haha. He wants an answer so bad. He was on-date at one point, but in our last visit with him, he told us that he has made up his mind. When he prayed, he just got this really confused feeling that he didn't understand. He knows that the gospel make him happier, and he sincerely thanked us for improving his life, but he decided that he needs to figure some other things out first. He told us that he will call us when something happens, and I completely believe him. He is so sincere in is search for truth, it's sad that his doubts in himself overcame him. We will stay in contact with him, because we know that he will find what he's looking for eventually.

Here is the part where I tell you all that I am getting transferred! Transfer calls were on Saturday, and I will be leaving on Wednesday to be a Zone Leader with Elder Poloncic in Moses Lake. I'm going to miss Elder Bird. He's one of the most humble and most charitable person I've ever met. I am really excited for the change, but I can't believe that I'm leaving the Yakima Valley. I have been serving in this valley for 9 months, and I have gotten to know everyone so well. They are family to me. I have grown here more than I have ever grown in my entire life, and I feel so lucky to have been a part of these people's lives. I never thought that I would love a place like Yakima, but it is sacred ground to me now. It is so much more to me than just a name on a map. I wish I could describe the way I feel about it, but words won't do the trick. I think I'm going to feel homesick for Yakima. 

I'm glad to leave on a high note. Yesterday, Jerald passed the sacrament for the first time, and he also taught Gospel Principles. What a stud. 

Sorry for all the spelling errors/rambling.

Love you all!
Elder Moser
Jerald and Bishop Englund and wife. We usually had our lessons in their home.

Reading Monday emails.

Checking out the Transfers!

The Summers family. Megan grew up next to my mom in St. Anthony.
They fed me several times and I finally sang for my suppers.

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