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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sunnyside and Transfers! (again)

April 18, 2016

Right now I'm sitting in the Yakima Mission Office with the Sunnyside Spanish Elders. A lot of crazy stuff happened up to this point, but for now, here's my email:

Sunnyside is awesome. There is a ton of work to do, and we are teaching several people, 3 of which are on date for next month! It's been a huge shift from Coulee Dam. I knew every street, every car, every store, and everyone in Coulee Dam, so I feel like I'm back to square one in terms of experience. But I'm excited! This place is completely opposite from my last area in pretty much every way. The ward here is pretty big, and we are teaching a lot of younger people. The Hispanic community is also massive. Have you seen McFarland? Because that is where I'm living. We'll see how much Spanish I pick up by the end of the transfer!

This past week has all been a blur with meeting so many new people and taking on some new responsibilities. It's a long story, but President Lewis called us last night to tell me that my companion of 4 days is going home, and since there are no other Elders that can take his spot, I will be companions with a Sunnyside local for the rest of the transfer. He's 19 and just turned in his mission papers, but he will be set apart as a full time missionary for the next few weeks. We took him out with us to some lessons a few days ago, and he's pretty cool. He's also been going out with the missionaries for about a year, and so all of the missionaries that have served in Sunnyside are pretty jealous that I am going to be companions with him. It's a super unique situation, but then again, every part of my missionary experience thus far has been pretty unique.

Also, Elder Coy, my trainer, is in my district and I am his district leader. Missions are funny :) 

I would write more, but I don't really know what's going on right now. 

Heave a good week, everyone! 
Elder Moser

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