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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Conference Weekend!

April 4, 2016

This week was great. Not a whole lot was accomplished near the end of the week due to general conference, but it was general conference. And it was off the chain. 

This upcoming week could be my last here in Coulee Dam. I'm not going to go off on that because if I do I'll probably stay for another 4 transfers, but it's still a weird thought. We had a barbecue after district council at the Chandler's house, and we put together a transfer prediction sheet like we do every transfer. And for the first time, people were predicting me to go somewhere. Haha. 

On Saturday we watched the General Priesthood Session with a returning less active member of the ward who has recently been ordained an Elder, and afterwards we showed him how to consecrate oil. It was awesome and the spirit was definitely there. 

General conference was seriously awesome. I especially loved President  Uchtdorf's talk about commandments. I think that is something that we should all take a closer look at; what the commandments are to us. The commandments are not an anvil that we are beat upon by the "hammer of obedience" to turn us into something we are not. Rather, they are a set of guidelines that will set us free and turn us into what we have the potential to become, what God want's us to be. When thought of that way, I would do anything Heavenly Father would ask of me, because after all, he knows best. It makes things like the Word of Wisdom, the law of chastity, tithing, and every other commandment fall into place, and I wish that I could help those I teach see what they gain when they follow them, and not what they lose. What they lose is literally nothing in comparison to the blessings they will receive in return!

We taught some good lessons this week. We taught Vermont last Monday, and he is making good progress. He said that he would be baptized, but we did not feel that we should push for a date. We also taught the older guy with a sweet car, Bob, and his wife, Lela, about the plan of salvation. They recently had a daughter pass away and so we were so happy to share what we knew with them. We also put in an order for a large print Book of Mormon because they are anxious to read for themselves. A while back, I mentioned meeting a guy named Irv. He wasn't interested, but he likes talking. So we stopped by last night to see how he was doing, and he let us in without any hesitation. He ended up asking a lot of really good questions, and we taught him the entire plan of salvation and the restoration. It was really cool to finally teach him. He also showed us his robot collection, so that was pretty sweet. Dean and May did not come to conference even though we really pushed for them to come. They got "busy". Oh well, they can always watch it online. :)

I hope you all loved general conference. Do everything you can to act on the promptings you felt while listening to our inspired leaders. And try not to be to angry when your dad makes you wear the Chewbacca costume. :)

Elder Moser

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