Washington Yakima Mission

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Spring is in the air! I cant believe it's only a few more weeks until transfers, I seriously feel like I just got here. And that I've been here forever. How? Anyway, we saw some amazing miracles this week and had an amazing time being missionaries!

We blitzed Coulee Dam last week with the Omak Zone Leaders, and we had a blast. We met tons of cool people, and it was just one of those days where every door you knock on is answered by a friendly person. We also hit up a referral from Slouch and got a new investigator! Her name is Carrie, and she is her neighbor. We also met a hippie guy from the Oregon coast who let us inside and played the fiddle for us. He also let me play one of his guitars and we talked about music for a little bit. He wasn't interested, but it helped me remember to see people as people. Sometimes we just get caught up in our goals that we have set for the day and we forget that the people we are talking to have stories, talents, and are all children of God. So it was a good refresher :)

Slouch and her grandaughter came to church yesterday! We were so excited, I think we were more nervous than she was. To be honest, I don't think she really got much out of church because it was mostly stake business and a talk about sustaining our leaders, but hey, one step at a time. She is trying so hard to understand things on her own as well. She reads out of the Book of Mormon on a regular basis and gets whatever church material she can. We are excited to see where it takes her :)

The ward is starting to catch the missionary bug! We have had several members come out with us this week and we had some quality lessons. We also set up a lesson with Amy for this Tuesday, and when we called a member to come out with us, he offered to hold a family home evening style lesson with her at his house. He also told us that he was going to call us to ask if he could come out with us on Tuesday instead of Thursday, anyway, so it was just another small miracle. He has a a young family, too, so we are really excited for it. It will be a blast!

This week, Elder Folkman and I decided to pray at home about where to tract instead of just going at it ourselves. We did, and the next day I felt that we should tract a street by the lake in Electric City. It would have been super easy to ignore because Elder Coy told me that he tracted it before he left and that it is full of rich people who aren't interested at all. We tracted it anyway, and he was totally right. Nothing. It was kind of brutal, so we decided to just walk the short distance to the highway and back before getting in our car. As we did so, we noticed a small street that we had not noticed before with a house at the end of it. We decided to knock on it before going home. The man who answered, Bob, is awesome. He told us it wasn't a good time, but he asked us for all of the different cards and reading materials we could give him. We set up an appointment for next week as well, and it's all because Elder Folkman started the conversation by talking about his broken down Datsun 280 Z. The Lord prepares people for us to find. I know it because we see it all of the time. That is why we always knock "one more door!"

An investigator from a part member family that hasn't been progressing for a while, Mike, talked to us the other day. He told us that he wants to take the lessons again, and that he wants to work out with us as well. Haha. He said that even a workout then a lesson would be cool! We can only do that on P-days, though, unless he wants to wake up at 5:00. Probably not.

We also got a giant couch that we don't know what to do with. That's a long story. 

Have a good week everyone! Enjoy the small miracles everywhere!

Elder Moser
Officially Elders in the Omak Zone now.
This is the dog from next door that runs into our apartment every time we open the door!

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