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Friday, March 18, 2016

Answered Prayers and Stolen Vehicles

March 7, 2016

The Email today might be a little short because we are going up to Omak today for p-day. Woop.

There isn't much to say about this week, except that we got some answers to our prayers for our investigators. Yesterday we decided to drop by Karen's house (the one that we thought we scared off with our invitation to be baptized), and she explained to us that she still is interested and thanked us for not giving up on her. She is leaving for California this week and will be gone for a few months, so I will probably not see her again. That makes me said. But some reap, some sew, you know? We also visited Jaime, and for whatever reason, he is in a good mood again! He even invited us to come over with the Bishop on Thursday so he can make us tilapia. We also figured out what happened to Selena. She is having some problems and has to stay in Okanogan for a month. We went over to her house on Saturday night, and her dad was there and explained everything, and that someone had broken into her house and stolen her TV, washer, dryer, and a bunch of other stuff. We are going to help him clean everything up this week, and maybe he will be interested in hearing the gospel. You never know :)

We had our first Zone Training Meeting as the Omak Zone on Saturday. It was fun. The interesting thing about this mission is that 75% of the missionaries are pretty much new. So it is fun starting things from scratch. We are all so excited about what the changes in this mission will bring about!

We had a lesson with a less-active lady in Wilbur last week, and took a member that lives nearby, Brother Kershaw, with us. Here's the kicker: Brother Kershaw, AKA Detective Kershaw, recognized her car as one he had recovered as a stolen vehicle in Spokane. So they got along very well, and we had a very spiritual lesson. It was great. Everything happens for a reason!

Last night we visited a less-active family that I've gotten pretty close with in my 5 months of being here. We ate dinner with last night, and then just talked about how wonderful the gospel is. They don't go to church, but they have some of the strongest testimonies I have ever heard and a thirst for more knowledge of the gospel. Elder Folkman and I have thought a lot about how our learning in the Gospel is something that never stops, and about how wonderful it is that we can progress eternally. It all just makes so much sense. We don't just get to heaven and then sing in a choir of angels shouting "I've been saved!" for eternity, but we continue to learn and grow. It really puts this life into perspective when I think about it. I've also been thinking a lot during my personal studies about why the Book of Mormon explains doctrines so simply, sometimes to the point where it sounds repetitive. This is what I think: Simple doctrines give you room to explore, go deeper, and find out for yourself things that you may have never thought of before. Iv'e always enjoyed listening to talks that break things down and go deeper for me, but something is lost when study of the scriptures is done that way. I think it's the process of coming to know the deeper things for yourself by digging, researching, and studying that you come to have a testimony that is yours. I'll stop rambling now. It made sense in my mind :)

Have a good week everyone! 
Elder Moser

Also, We found a 'Squatch.

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