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Friday, March 18, 2016

Crazy P-days and Crazy People

March 14, 2016

The week started out rough. P-day was interesting, because it was my first group p-day since being out. As in there were other missionaries having p-day with us. As in real life people! It took two hours of driving, though, so I don't know if we will be doing that again. It was also rough because I accidentally decommissioned Elder Folkman while playing soccer, and we didn't know that we had to bring normal clothes, and because we spent a bunch of money buying normal clothes. 

Oh man, do we have some stories to tell this week. 

We had a lesson with a man that we met a while ago. We finally got into his house to sit down and talk with him. But in order to do so, we had to walk through a jungle of weed. Like a forest. He had to have had 50+ plants hanging from his ceiling, so it was a pretty weird environment to teach in. I think I need to start making a list of all the weird places I've taught people. 

We also met a former investigator that seemed pretty interested to learn more. But then he started rambling about how he was a catholic, and it was pretty obvious that this guy wanted to throw down on Joseph Smith. So we got out of there as soon as we could. 

Last one: We met a former investigator. We'll call him Mark. On his teaching record, the very first words were "Mark is crazy!" so obviously we had to check him out. His house looked like it had been abandoned for years, but we decided to hit it up anyways, because this man had been taught everything and had to stop because we went to prison for a while. Anyway, Mark came to the door instantly, shirt inside out and all, and then opened up and started talking about how he believes in Joseph Smith and that he's into some pretty crazy stuff with Jesus and that everyone should believe in him. Then he told us to sit down and he brought out his bible. He then read a bunch of scriptures about circumcision and other random topics. Looking around the room, he had a bunch of weird nick-knacks every where, taped to his wall, hanging from his ceiling... Weird. Here's an actual excerpt from the conversation we had with Mark:

Mark: "Hey, you look like my friend who stabbed me in the head."
E. Folkman: "Oh?"
Mark: "Yeah... Haha, cousins. Hey you ever been bit by a vampire yet?"
Us: I don't th-"
Mark: "Oh not yet? I-*incoherent mumbling* and they got me in the neck. Haha. Hey you want some weed? Its legal here."
Us: "No."

Then he started talking about section 129 of the Doctrine and Covenants, about how Thomas S. Monson is the man, and about Brigham Young. We got out of there after that, but that's Mark. Sorry, some stories are just too good not to share. :)

On a much less weird note, we had an awesome lesson with Vermont this week. We brought the Bishop out with us, so it's good that Vermont has some fellowship now. We also invited him to church, but he didn't show up. Most of our ward didn't show up, though, because it was stake conference and daylight savings. So everyone was confused. Great things are going on in this area, so until next week!

Stay Blessed everyone! 
Elder Moser

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