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Monday, February 22, 2016


Friends and family,

This past week made up for all of the slow weeks we've had to go through recently for a few reasons: 1) I beat my sand pile climb time by 30 seconds, 2) Exchanges with the zone leaders are the BEST, 3) our A/C unit was replaced with a brand new one that looks like it came straight out of a spaceship, and 4) TRANSFEEEEEEEEERRRRSS!!

First of all, I have a testimony that working out in the morning makes one's day 200% better. I wouldn't have thought that it would make that big of a difference, but working out in the morning relieves stress, wakes you up, and helps you think more clearly throughout the day. This past week we have been focusing on climbing a 300 ft. pile of aggregate that was going to be used for the dam back in the 40's. My legs. Fire. 

Exchanges with the Zone Leaders were last week. It was the best. We only had a few hours to do some tracting, but it was fun -- even though it was pouring rain like Washington. Elder Oliver and I were out there like nothing could keep us from spreading the gospel! When we were done tracting in a little place we now call "retirementville," we decided to knock "one more door" because that is where all of the cool stories come from. So we did. The guy wasn't that interested, but we had a conversation for a while. We were late getting home because of that one door, and because of that, Elder Folkman and Woodward (who were also here in Coulee) decided to go out and find someone outside near the apartment that they could talk to. In that short amount of time, they found a 20 year old guy, Eli, that is interested in learning more! He also lives right across from us. We see his house every day when we open up the blinds, but we never thought much about it. Because we knocked one more door, the other Elders found someone that we can teach. God's timing works in interesting ways sometimes :) When we got back, they had climbed in the apartment through the window because the door was locked and I had the key. Good times.

Elder Folkman and I taught a fair amount of lessons this week. We decided to focus on finding people in the farther out towns, especially Wilbur, with good success. We met some awesome people! That area hasn't really been tracted at all, so people are a lot more willing to listen to us. Tracting there is more than just a "Hi! I'm Elder Mo-SLAM." It was also a blistering 50 degrees, so we were soaking it in. We also ran into an investigator that we haven't seen for a while, Bill. He had to go somewhere, so we gave him a quick lesson through his truck window. No time is a bad time to share the gospel! We also met a middle aged guy named Eric, and a young guy named Trent. They are both very open to learning more!

On Saturday we had a church tour with Dean. It went pretty well. When we opened up the font to show him, the spirit was definitely there. He told us that he still wanted to be baptized, and that he would definitely start coming to church. We were stoked! We tried super hard to get everyone else to church that week. Selena's been reading the BOM and said that she would come, Slouch said that she would bring her kids, everyone. Nobody showed up. It was so frustrating. There isn't much more that we can do, so we definitely need to push the members to fellowship them. 

Transfers really changed things this time. The southern districts of the Ephrata Zone have been absorbed into the Wenatchee Zone, and all of the Northern Districts starting with Coulee Dam have been absorbed into a new "Omak Zone." That means that we have 2 new zone leaders, and an entirely new district. I have also now officially been in the zone longer than anyone else. Weird. 

I am excited for this transfer! Thanks for all of your support! Love you all!

Elder Moser
Always look to the light!

The view from Vermont's house is killer!

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