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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Coulee Crud and Pretty Views!

February 15, 2016
Friends and family!

Quick side note: The world is tiny! Elder Folkman's Brother is on a mission in Arizona, and he's companions with Elder Clark from Blackfoot. We were in Acapella choir together one year. Ha.

This week basically consisted of tracting, finding, and trying to get out of bed at 5:30 so that we can go to the church to play basketball. But there was good with the boring:

The highlight of the week was the lesson we had with Karen. Karen is a lady that we met on my first day with Elder Folkman. You might not remember the story, but we were out tracting and when we knocked on the door she came out and started talking to us as if she had been expecting it. Yeah, that lady. Anyway, we asked a member to come with us that has a very good understanding of the scriptures and church history, and for good reason. When she let us into her house Wednesday night, she had places for all of us set up around a table, and at her place she had her Bible, the Book of Mormon, and a notebook with highlighters and pens. She was ready to learn. She basically ran the lesson, and I was totally ok with that. She had SOOO many questions about the Book of Mormon's purpose, the priesthood, prophets, just perfect questions. It was amazing. Every time I wanted to tie in one subject to another, she would start talking about that subject. She had some questions where we didn't even have to answer, because as soon as she asked it, she would start thinking, and then she would just sit back and tell US the "why". The spirit was definitely teaching her, and it was pretty cool seeing it in action. She ended the discussion by saying, "sooo... baptism..." we talked about baptism for a few minutes and then the member we brought said that we had a challenge for her. She took out her pen and started writing "CHALLENGE:" on her notebook. We asked her if she would be baptized when she knew that it was true, and she said, "yeah! So what's the challenge?" She is just the best. I have never met anyone more prepared than her!

One of our investigators, Mike, was at church last Sunday! He's married to a less-active, and we are really going to work hard this week to get him progressing. He works odd hours, so it might be tough. But we had a pretty good lesson with him last week on exchanges, so I know it's possible!

A lot of our other investigators are sick with the "Coulee Crud" (the flu), so it was kind of slow this week. Even Elder Folkman was sick yesterday, so we were in by 3:00. It was awful. It was so boring. I was praying that I would get sick too, because being in a missionary apartment when you want to be out working is the worst hing on the planet. 

Sorry for the semi-boring email. Hopefully we meet some cool people this week so that I have more to talk about next p-day!

Peace and blessin's.
Elder Moser
Here's a view from one area we were tracting in last week.
 It kind of gives you an idea of how in the middle of nowhere we are!

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