Washington Yakima Mission

Monday, February 1, 2016

Keeping our Line in the Water!

This email might be a little short, but thats ok. I hope.

This week was pretty slow. There isn't much going on, but Elder Folkman and I are doing our best to get out and talk to people. Doing so, we've noticed a few things. If there is a truck parked in the driveway, there is a 75% chance you are getting a door slammed in your face. If it's a minivan, you are going to get a nice soccer mom that says "were actually catholic, so.." and if it's a beat up rust box, you're about to meet someone that is high out of their mind. Washington is funny.

Elder Folkman and I roadtripped down to Wenatchee on Wednesday for Zone Conference. All of the northern zones were there. It was awesome. I'm actually starting to know alot of the missionaries in our mission, which is hard when you are in a place like Coulee Dam. I really liked the conference though. The assistants gave an awesome training about "keeping our line in the water." They talked about how just being out until nine doesn't nessesarily mean you will have success. It is like a fisherman that spends all day fishing, but really spends most of his time messing with equipment, trying to find a good place to fish, and trying to get snags out of trees. As missionaries, we can't just be outside of the apartment. We have to keep our lines in the water! That is how we have success. Elder Folkman and I have really been trying to live this the past week. President Lewis also gave a training on how we are blessed for our labors and not nessesarily from them. That really motivates me to be the kind of missionary that the Lord can trust.

It's interesting seeing all of my friends on their missions and seeing all the variance in success. I have some friends that are in very hard, slow areas, and some that are literally teaching all. The. Time. We are in a hard area, but we would do anything to teach people, and we are doing anything and everything we can. I'm getting way more comfortable with talking to people as they get out of their cars, talk with their friends, or do whatever else. I don't really have that fear of man anymore, and I love it! And since doing this, we have had more poeple to teach. We are praying that we will be blessed for our efforts, and we honestly have seen the blessings. The other day during a member dinner, members actually referred us to two of their friends without us asking, something that has not happened before. We have also seen a HUGE difference in ward council and PEC in working with the members. I feel like they are starting to catch the vision for what the Coulee Dam Ward could be if they stepped in. After all, they are the real missionaries. We are just the "hired help." It is awesome. We have been taking Sister Lewis's advice during her training at zone conference about gaining member trust. She said that we should be like Ammon. Even though we are in a hard area, we should love the ward members as if we wished to "dwell with them for the remainder of our days." So that's what we have decided to do. Who cares if I'm in Coulee Dam? I'm going to love and serve these people till the day I die. Or get transferred. One of the two :)

Peace and blessin's, 
Elder Moser

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