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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Stargazing and Happiness

August 22, 2016


YSA continues to be awesome! Max didn't come to church yesterday because he was out of town, but he has been coming to the YSA's FHE activities and that has been really good for him! He is starting to make a lot of friends in the branch. Unfortunately, a lot of them are moving to go to school, so we are having trouble finding someone for him that will stay. Joseph has also been doing amazingly well. Every time we leave his home after a lesson, we are almost giddy with excitement. In our lesson last week, he told us that he had read and prayed. He explained the feeling that he got as "that excited feeling you get when you get the latest version of windows." He told us that he believes for himself that the church and everything that we've taught him is true, and he told us that he is excited to commit himself to something that will change his life. Joseph is the type of guy that is really on top of things. He's crazy responsible. He apologized for only being able to read 10 chapters last week while going through his medical schooling, if that gives you any indication of what he's like. His baptism is still on for the 10th, and Elder Jarvis and I are so excited to see where a life in the church takes him!

The day before transfers, we had the opportunity to do what we call "fear busting", which is when you take out a greenie to go do missionary stuff for the first time. I took out an Elder North, from Orange County, and it was a great time! We only did about an hour of tracting, but we came across the nicest lady I have ever met. Her name is Gina. Gina is loaded. She was just getting out of her brand new Tesla, when she offered to let us take her Jeep to do our missionary stuff (she thought that we were walking the whole time.) We thought it was a joke, but she was 100% serious. She welcomed Elder North to Washington, and talked to us for a bit before we had to go. We don't know how interested she is, but you never know :) Also, Elder North is in our zone now, so we are excited about that!

Transfers were fun. Elder Jarvis and I were the site coordinators. So basically, Elder Jarvis was the site coordinator as I mingled with all of the missionaries coming through. It was fun, and It gave me a chance to really work on my sunburn. 

We had a good lesson with Rodney last week. Long story short, he told us that he would get baptized if his wife was more on board with it all, which is hard for her and her busy schedule. So we will just continue to work with him until she can meet with us too. Tim is still doing great, and will be getting baptized in two weeks! We didn't have a chance to meet with Randal and Christy last week, but this week we will. The work is keeping us busy!

The Finches were out of town this week, so our nights when we got home were spent doing chores, doing more chores, and singing a sweet freestyle song about the Wendy's that just opened up here in town. Good times. 

We also got a new ward mission leader, Brother Diaz, who has already been helping us out a ton, so we know that with him we will be able to get work done! He has some great ideas about how we can work together, so we are excited. 

Another notable thing from last week: A returning less active family made us try on these virtual reality goggles and put us on a rollercoaster. Elder Jarvis almost threw up, and it was hilarious.

That's the week, my friends. The church is true, and seeing people accept the gospel brings you more joy than you could ever imagine. You all should give it a try sometime :)

Peace and blessin's,
Elder Moser
Yakima Zone

I Love Washington Weather!

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