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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Another Week!

Editors note:  I knew this was my boy without seeing his face.
I took this picture off the mission blog. :-)

Training 8/23/16

We had your son and his companion over for dinner this evening. They are doing well. 
Thank you for sharing him with the Lord and the people here. 
Here's a picture of him with his companion and our son, who recently 
returned from the Arizona Gilbert Mission.

Don Meyers.

August 29, 2016  

Oh hey. Didn't see you there.

This email is probably going to be a little short because we have to take some Elders to get their car fixed, so yeah. 

I went on exchanges twice last week, so I haven't been in my area very much recently. But here's the run down:

We taught Joseph the Word of Wisdom, and even though he had some questions about the coffee and tea, he understood why it was important. He is in med school right now, so he pretty much taught us the side effects of coffee and tea and what not. He committed to live it, though! He is such a champ. When we came over to his house for our second lesson that week, he was just studying with his morning pepsi instead of his coffee. He's such a champ :) 

Tim is getting baptized this Sunday after his wedding on Saturday! A bunch of missionaries that taught him before going home are coming up too, so it will be weird seeing a bunch of RM's proving that they can grow beards. 

The members in the YSA and a few in the Ward are giving us lots of referrals lately. One members called us late one night to tell us how excited they were about an experience they had with their 17 year old neighbor, Chase. Apparently, Chase asked them if she could come over for scripture study and family prayer every night since they don't do it at her own home. They have been keeping us updated with her progress, and she is really interested in the church. Hopefully we'll get to meet her this week!

The rest of the week was pretty standard. Extra hot Thai food with the Finches, a new mission leader in the branch, and some star gazing to top it all off. 

I've been thinking a lot lately about how a lot of families want to find the secret to a happy home. They want to be like that one perfect family in the ward. I can definitely testify that it's no secret! If you want a happy home, make Christ the center of it. He is the foundation that will never fail. Even if your family has it's struggles (which is normal), there's no secret ingredient to a happy, loving, put together home. Just make the gospel your families whole life, not just a part of it. Do the little things like family scripture study, family prayer, and family meals. You can just feel the loving atmosphere in a home that is built upon the foundation of Christ, and I've realized that after everything else is gone, that is what I want for my future family. 

Have a good week everyone! 

Peace and blessin's,
Elder Moser

We all match!

Planning Meeting photo op.

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