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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Planning in Orchards and Trasfers!

May 23, 2016

I can't believe it's already transfers. So much has happened in the past few days, and I'm gonna do my best to fit it all into this email in a timely manner, because we are leaving for a zone p-day in a little bit. My journal writing habits have been slipping, too, because it's really hard to remember to write when you live in an apartment with 3 other missionaries that like to wrestle and shoot each other with nerf guns. Luckily, I still wrote down what happened this week!

Some quick things:
1.) We are teaching a lady that literally lives in the middle of an orchard and we don't know how the missionaries found her. 
2.) We called 911 this week while we were walking to an investigators house because there was some domestic violence happening next door. SPD is quick, they get a lot of practice. 
3.) The view of Mt. Adams from here is unreal.
4.) The little Mexican girls that are always outside of our apartment asked for pictures of Jesus, so we gave some to them. When we came back outside, they had taped the picture to their apartment door to be like us. Haha. 

I guess I'll start out with a miracle. That's a good way to start an email :) last week we were walking down the streets, when a lady pulled up next to us, asked us if we were missionaries, and then gave us her address and phone number, telling us to stop by so that we could talk with her family. We stopped by later that week, and when she came out and let us in, she had her brother translate for her that she didn't speak English. So we called the Spanish Elders over and over again trying to tell them that a golden family was literally waiting in their living room to talk to them. We eventually got a hold of them that night, and we picked them up and long story short, their entire family is on date for some time in June. I still think it's funny that the lady that asked us if we were missionaries did not speak English, yet she was confident enough to stop us and talk to us in perfect English. Miracles. 

On Tuesday, after a correlation and back readjustment with our ward mission leader, we stopped by a potential investigator, Erica, that we found while trying to contact a potential investigator we found while trying to contact a referral (sometimes God's plan just works out that way). We had a super spiritual lesson with her about the restoration, and she told us the need for religion in the life of her and her two sons. We also taught her the plan of salvation in our second lesson with her, and put her on date for June 18. She has been very humbled be her upbringing and all that she has had to go through. It's so easy to understand why people here need the gospel, and it's so easy to teach them when they are so down to earth. I love the people in this valley. 

We picked up a new investigator this week named Melchor. He is in a very similar situation to Erica, but he has a better understanding of the bible and religion in general. He is super prepared. Every time we have  a lesson with him, we don't get very far because every principle we share with him is something that basically blows his mind. Like "God is literally my Father in Heaven?" or "Families can seriously be together forever? Seriously?" He's from a very humble background as well, so we can't wait to see him again. 

Exchanges last week were interesting. I was with Elder Sailsberry from Nevada, and the highlights of the night were 1.) When a guy listened to us because I showed him how to fly his new quadcopter and told us that we were way cooler than the other missionaries, and 2.) When Elder Sailsberry's fake tooth fell out of his mouth and in between the seats in the car, he took 5 minutes to find it, and then dropped it again trying to fit it in his mouth. Haha. 

I finally stopped using the word "frick" because Elder Johnson and I punch each other every time we say it. It's a small thing, but it's one of the many small changes a mission can bring about. :)

We also picked back up a golden couple that we have been trying to teach for weeks. Before trying by them for the last time, Elder Johnson and I prayed that if it were God's will, we could make contact with them and see what was going on. As we were walking up to the house, she actually came outside and told us that they had been wanting to meet with us, but have been going through some struggles, and that the gospel had been something that they were holding on to through their trials. Miracle. 

Transfers calls were on Saturday, and I am so sad that I am losing Elder Johnson as a companion. He is a natural and is willing to put in the work to see miracles happen. Some changes are happening here in Sunnyside. The English sisters are being doubled out (one of them got her mission call to Alabama), the Spanish sisters are being replaced with Elders, and I will be training the only new Elder coming into the mission. Training calls are always interesting because not even President Lewis has met the Elder that I will be training. It's 100% by the spirit. I can definitely trust a decision made by the spirit., even though there's an inherent fear of the unknown :)

Sorry for the novel :) I love you all!
Elder Moser

P-Day Pictures from Sister Lewis's blog:

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