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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Building Fences and Baptizing Converts!

May 9, 2016

I'm sitting here at the church's computer trying to write an email, but I can honestly not remember anything that has happened this past week, and I forgot my journal. That's what missionary work will do to you. 

It was another busy week for the Sunnyside Elders! Plenty of talking, walking, and trying to figure out where the weird smells in our apartment are coming from. I went on exchanges with Elder Coy as his district leader last week. It was awesome. Elder Coy hasn't changed his goofy character one bit. We spent almost the entire exchange in tiny town called White Swan building a cow fence for some less active members of the Toppenish ward. Elder Coy is a very smart guy, but he hates physical labor. So it was pretty funny hearing him complain the entire time. The less active members that were helping us and I got a kick out of it. They told me that it was their goal to make him sore by the end of the day, in one way or another :) It was good working with Elder Coy again and catching him up on the work in Coulee Dam. It was also a fun to experience a more rural part of Washington in a way that most people don't.

The work here in Sunnyside is still on fire. We had a baptism on Saturday for the Sisters, and Elder Johnson and I will be baptizing Michele this Saturday. The Spanish branch is also baptizing a family of 4 this week, and we still have several more on-dates for this month and the next month! We feel so blessed to be a part of the missionary work here. It feels so good to roll out of bed every morning with a worthy purpose in mind and the Lord on your side. I know that there really is no greater work for anyone to be doing than missionary work. These are our brothers and sisters!

Our investigators are still doing great. We also started a tradition where every Saturday we meet our neighbor little Mexican kids that are always outside for a lesson. We get permission from their parents, so everything is good there. It's pretty cool teaching the most basic principles of the gospel to someone who has never heard it before. We also got bombarded by about 3 million questions, like "who made God?" and "how long is forever?" so we might have to find a different approach to our teaching. haha. 

We had a great Mother's Day Sacrament Meeting yesterday. We had 2 new investigators show up with their wives, and the spirit was very strong throughout the entire meeting. I wish that everyone could understand that the role of women in this world is one of the most sacred responsibilities. No one else on this earth has loved me unconditionally like my own mother has, and that love has been a motivating factor throughout my life. I'm so blessed :)

I love you all! Stay on the Sunnyside!
Elder Moser

​A very non flattering photo of the district and me. :)

Infinity Grapes

Mt. Adams near White Swan

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