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Monday, December 7, 2015

The Spirit like a Fire is Burning! (literally)

Hello everyone!

The weeks are flying by! It's already been two months for me as a missionary. I'm starting to wonder if this is how the rest of my mission will feel!

The temperature has really gone up here in Coulee Dam. It didn't drop below 40 degrees all week and rained almost the whole time. The spirit of Christmas is still in the air, though, so if anyone would like to put together a Christmas CD and send it to us, we wouldn't complain. :)

This week, Elder Coy taught me how to make a Polynesian dish called musubi. It's kind of like sushi, only it uses Spam instead of raw fish. On our P-day last week, we had a member drive us down to Ephrata so that we could buy the stuff to make it. I think it tastes really good, so we've been a musubi factory in our apartment for the past few days. We've been taking some to investigators and even made some for our Christmas party on friday. It was a hit!

MUSUBI!  It looks better when we cut the ends off.

Dec. 2nd was Elder Coy's birthday, so I guess you could say that it was my birthday as well! When Sister Bashor heard that it was his birthday, she invited us over for lunch. She is just the sweetest old lady. She made us a big pan of chicken with rice and some purple onion dressing. She even brought out a huge cheescake afterwards. We sat and talked to her about what it was like living in Ecuador and about her conversion story. She is the best. 

Crazy story for the week: On Thursday, we got a call from a former investigator that we have been trying to contact for a while. He asked us if we knew an electrician that could help them with the power to their (trailer) house because it was not working in half of it. We had Brother Bond go with us to look at it. Brother Bond was working on the breaker panel, when all of the sudden, all of the power went out and the hum of electricity and smoke started coming from the back room. The fire alarms went off. Fire was coming off of a roll of extension cord in the hallway. The fire was put out and he got it turned off, but when we got outside he told us that the wiring in that trailer was just waiting to burn the house down. The circuit was running in a loop and wasn't connected to anything, so that is why when he turned it on it exploded. The house was a mess, too, so it could have gone up like a tinder box. I think I'm done with playing with electricity for a while.    

Our investigators our doing well. Becky dropped us, but we saw that coming. She just doesn't want to change her ways. It was kind of frustrating, but she still likes the missionaries. I just wish that everyone could see how close they came to knowing the truth before dumping the missionaries. We met a new investigator while tracting named Brian. He recently retired from the Boeing Factory in Seattle and moved to Electric City to settle down. He's a really nice guy, but we haven't been able to catch him at home the past few days. We drove past Vicki's house on Tuesday and saw her husband out moving wood. We offered to help, but before we could even say anything, he basically told us to get lost. When we went to visit Vicki with a member later that night, jolly ol' Jerry answered the door. We just stood there thinking "welp, this is great". He then proceeded to chew us out and told us to not come back for a while. I hope a week is a while, because we're stopping by tomorrow! He's not the most hospitable guy, but hopefully this doesn't ruin our chances with Vicki.

We went to visit Selena on Wednesday to see if our appointment for Friday would still work. She said it would, but after talking for a few minutes she said "actually, can you come around 4 today?" We jumped on the opportunity, but that meant that we only had an hour and a half to find a member to go with us because her grandpa wasn't home. Elder Coy and I tried calling everyone, but no one would answer or they just couldn't go. So we parked our car and said a prayer asking that everything would work out. We then stared at the phone waiting for someone to call back. A few seconds later, Brother Foster called us! Unfortunately, it was to say that he couldn't go. But then we both had the impression to try Brother Barry. He gladly accepted and met us at her house at 4. That lesson with Selena was probably the best lesson that I have been apart of since starting my mission. She was asking perfect questions like where we go after this life and what our purpose is. Amia, the 8 year old, was asking perfect questions too, like how we knew that this religion was the right one. We then taught them about how Joseph Smith had that same question and about the restoration. Even though Kaysic was running around the house like a madman showing off all of his toys, the spirit was so strong. Selena could feel it, too. We asked her why she had been willing to talk to us a few weeks ago when we knocked on her door, and she said that after the death of her brother and Grandma, she just had a feeling that it was just time to let us in. Selena is really excited about having us teach  her more. She has definitely been prepared. 

It's been a fun and productive week. From having a snowball fight with the primary kids after the Christmas Party to almost burning down trailers, we've made a lot of new memories! Please keep our investigators in your prayers. Thank you for all of your support!

Peace and blessin's,
Elder Moser

Oh deer!

Moving some rocks off of the highway with brother Bond. When water freezes and melts, this happens a lot.

When our investigators won't open the door...

long story short: Elder Coy got all of this yarn from the  Senior Center in Grand
Coulee for FREE. Got out like bandits with like 40 spools. Now we are knitting
hats for our investigators kids :)

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