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Monday, December 7, 2015

Thanksgiving Week

Nov. 30, 2015

Friends and family!

Another great week has gone by. We met some new people and picked up a new investigator by the name of Mason. It was kind of funny. We stopped by two previous investigators, S. and C., and when we knocked on the door some 20 year old guy answers it. We shared our message with him anyways and when we got to the first vision and explained that Joseph Smith was only 14 years old, he smiled and said, "That's how old I am!" what. Something is in the water here in Washington, because some 60 year olds look 40 and some 14 year olds look 20. It gets confusing sometimes, especially when you don't know if you should ask if a parent is home or not.

First off, V. dropped us. Like a hot plate out of the microwave. But she said that we can still visit her because she still likes us. She just feels like she needs to go down with the Presbyterian church that is going out of business here. Meanwhile, we are asking for referrals from members of the Presbyterian church that will soon be church-less. It is a good opportunity to find and get people to come to sacrament meeting!

Brother Land was released as ward mission leader last week, and an older gentleman, Brother Churchill, took his place. He was pretty nervous, because he is a convert and he never served a mission. He was also called 5 minutes before sacrament meeting started, and apparently that can throw someone off. He is excited about missionary work and has some good new ideas, though. He also lives in an old granary in the middle of no where that has been remodeled inside, so that's pretty neat.
On the way to Bro. Churchill's home in the middle of nowhere.

We bought a loom last p-day and we knitted some sweet hats. I will definitely post some pictures. 
We spent P-day knitting hats.

Thanksgiving treated us well. We only had two thanksgivings, though, because Elder Coy warned me about how everyone wants the missionaries to come over on holidays. We were at the Bonds house first, and they made a nice dinner and invited a less active member and an inactive member. We talked with them and made some new friends, so we are hoping that we will get them to church. After that, we went to M and T's house to try the orange glazed duck that M. made. Needless to say, it was perfect. We were at their house for a while, and then had to leave to stop by some other people. She is a member, but he isn't and we are still working on him. He loves the missionaries, but works too often to talk with us, so Thanksgiving was a good opportunity. 

On Friday, we tried to spend our extra miles up in Wilbur. We met with a potential investigator, T., and his 4 kids that were outside burning wood with him. We had a mini-lesson, and then got his phone number so that we could call him to set up a time to meet. He's a really nice guy, and he's got 4 kids so I'm pretty excited to teach them more. We also stopped by D., a recent convert, and he gave us some ridiculous battery powered socks that heat up. They look ridiculous, but I might wear them if it gets cold enough!

I don't have any weird stories from this week, but Elder Coy and I decided to take out S's cans, 98 lbs of aluminum, to the recycling place for her as an act of service. We took all 7 giant 50 gallon bags and somehow fit them into our Jeep. I had to hold one on my lap for them all to fit. It was pretty interesting. When we took the money back to her, she gave us a few dollars to put in the basket at church. What a nice lady. She said that we could stop by on Tuesday, too, so hopefully that doesn't fall through. 
Elder Coy modeling his hat and our mission Jeep.

We visited B. yesterday after church. She is one of the nicest ladies I have ever met. Every time we leave her house, she gives us something to take home. On Tuesday it was huckleberry jam, and yesterday she gave us each a dozen of those cookies with a kiss in the middle. She's a promising investigator, and recently we learned that her son in the military joined the church before he left, so hopefully that will help.  

It has been a beautiful week here in Coulee Dam. The fog has been heavy all week, so I'll post some pictures. Love you all!

Peace and blessins,
Elder Moser
A super photogenic picture of the District + the Zone Leaders. The senior missionaries, the Chandlers, are also from Idaho. I love their enthusiasm!

We climbed a giant pile of sand that was excavated for construction of the Dam. It's right behind our apartment. If you look at the houses down below, you can see how big this pile really is. I usually don't take selfies, but I felt really accomplished because I was tired after that!

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