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Friday, July 7, 2017

Moses Lake, Omak, and Sushi

June 26, 2017

We did SOO much last week. 

First off, everyone is doing great! Especially Evelyn, who will be getting baptized this Friday. Matt and Sarah also got their wedding rings engraved with the date of August 12th, so they are obviously committed to it. And lastly, Laurette is still a family history fool. She seriously loves it. We plan on starting to focus a little bit more on church and hope to see her out next Sunday!

It seriously feels like months have passed since last Monday, just because we have done a bajillion things. On Tuesday, we were on exchanges with Moses Lake all day. It's always great to be back in the old area! Especially great, because the whole zone was together doing a crazy demolition service project for a guy who's house got destroyed by a bunch of squatters while he was on an extended vacation. 22 missionaries spent the whole morning ripping everything off the walls, clearing out the whole house of waste-high garbage, and ripping up the carpet and paneling. It was insane. And super fun. We finished our exchange at Tsunami Sushi (with Elder Bawden ordering teriyaki because he hates Sushi) and loved it. At one point, a slightly drunk man came over to us and offered us all some raw salmon. The 3 of us gladly accepted, but Elder Bawden declined. He kept pushing him to try it, though, and so Elder Bawden ended up eating a giant slab of raw salmon... and then chewed it with his eyes closed for like 20 minutes. So funny. He's a good sport and doesn't want to disappoint anyone, but I guess you could say our exchange left a bad taste in his mouth. Ha. Haha. Ha

We left Moses Lake on Tuesday night and went straight to Omak to exchange there. I LOVE Omak! The people there are so friendly, so open, and so weird. I love it. I straight up feel like I am in a different country when we proselyte there! I was with Elder Miles (who played soccer for BYU Hawaii), and we only met kind people. I also just love Elder Miles and Elder Allsop, so exchanges with them are always the best.

Last week we got a referral for a lady named Sandra. She is really interested in coming to church, and said that she has a bunch of friends that also want to go with her. We're excited to start teaching her! She might end up going to the YSA, but she works when the Branch's service is, so it may not work out. We'll see!

I seriously love my mission. I love all of the different people that I have met in the past 20 months, and I have gotten so close to so many of them- Missionaries, members, investigators, everyone. The spirit definitely welds hearts together!

Peace and Blessings,
Elder Moser

Zone hike to Boulder Cave

​Bridgeport, WA- So pretty. Orchards and mountains for days

Summertime in Omak!​
This picture sums up Omak perfectly.
 Everyone is doing the weirdest things but they are all so happy!
This is a picture of Lydia, who was baptized with her family on Saturday :)​

Ah. Coulee Dam.


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